beer and re-fem

I have sort of good news I think. I have figured out a way to slow down my hair loss by about half.

My main suspicion has always been the hormone levels, which I think just crashed after quitting the pill, they skyrocked when pregnant, crashed again after terminantion.
Women do get a full blown postpartum shed, not matter if they were pregnant for 9mths, or 1 mth. And since my hair loss got bad after the failed pregnancy, I really feel like it is the culprit.

As you know, the pill might have helped me balancing out the hormone levels, but I have named the risks like androgenetic alopecia, cervical cancer and skin problems that the pill carries.

While seeking help on a Long Hair Forum, one member reported she had gone through the same and was able to stop it with a herbal supplement. It later turned out it was menopause support, combined with herbs.
So I decided to give it a try, after taking 1 pill, I felt like the next day I shed less (I wear my hair in a bun all day and only comb out and count morning and evening)

I did not continue taking it because someone on the forums als mentioned it might be bad for the thyroid in case something is wrong with it. My shedding was high as usual when I went out to a concert.
The next morning when I combed out my hair I lost next to nothing!

I thought back of what I had done to make this happen, I am taking vitamins...but no change was made. I then remembered that I had a beer - Heineken, the regular one.
So at home I started reading about beer, I know there are plant estrogens in there, and I was wondering if these could actually help.

I don't drink beer often, especially since moving to the US I have come across a lot of beers I did not like, but I digged under the kitchen sink to find a leftover box of coors light. The taste was okay, but it is just a really light beer. I drank a half bottle only since that is the healthy limit.

The next day I in fact shed less, not back to normal but it was no more than 140 hairs (instead of 200), my normal ranges from 30-45 hairs it is very low.
I then also went back on the menopause supplement because I thought if the phytoestrogens in beer help this well, this must be the bomb! The supplement alone helped, but I later found out that by combining it with beer it even helped better, I was down to ca. 100 hairs.

I have also been testing supplements for this hair loss recently and have found these to decrease it by 20 hairs on average: Multivitamin, Hair Skin & Nails Multi, MSN, Fish Oil.
I used to take a ton of hair vitamins seperate but the hair multi contains enough of all.

End result is, I have been loosing about 80 hairs daily. Although normal for some people, my body was genetically designed for less shedding which helped some hairs grow pretty long. I say the same thing when people are surprised the shed "only" made my lengths thin and that the top is still good. My head was designed for more hair, so it will feel like I am missing something to me. Also the top was really thick, I used to forget that sometimes because my hair was so straight and not fluffy, but it was a lot of hair and now its about an average amount, a tiny bit more.

I have taken the opportunity to test a few beers
- Heinenken - taste: good, effect: good
- Becks Pilsener - taste: good, effect: good
- Coors Light - taste: okay, effect: okay
- Amstel - taste: not so great, effect: okay
- Toasted Lager - taste -weird, like soda, effect: low

I'm about to test Bud Light because I am running out of Becks. I like the fact that Becks brews according to the 1516 Reinheitsgebot.
I'd much rather go alcohol free though, although beer goes down like water and even a few bottles don't show any effects, I don't feel to good about drinking alcohol daily (luckily I don't have to drive). It is hard to get good beer though..I'd rather have some imports from europe or organic beer, it is horrible what some brewers put in their beer.


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