before the hair loss

So, what was my hair like before the shed? Before youtube? What was the best I have achieved?

Length: 110cm/ 43" (upper thigh)
Ponytail : 10cm/ 4"
Layers out:  to Tailbone length
Dye out:  to waist length (top henna only)
Damage:  freaking low..a few splits if you go search. That was it.
Taper: reduced drastically

Sadly I was never able to achieve my maximum potential. But what I had at about 50-60%, I was already pretty happy with. When I started growing my hair had a lot of taper, due to layers and dyeing my hair. But without ever shortening my hair, I was able to grow out the taper solely with regular small trims.
Normally people will tell you that if your hair tapers, it is the end or you need to cut. Well, thats just not true. Most people are able to even up their thickness with patience (I will write more about taper in the future)

Even at that great state, sometimes people (on the net only actually) still told me my hair would be too thin, too this and that, scraggly whatever. Yes, there is crazy people in this world with weird perceptions and clishees. But I did not care because I knew better, I knew a 4" ponytail was far from thin and that healthy silky ends are not scraggly.
I guess some people don't understand that not very blunt ends and very straight hair does not equal thin...
My hair sure lacks other friction and therefore volume, but yeah definetly not thin (a thin ponytail is below 5cm/ 2")

Long Story Short - I would be very happy if one day my hair will look like that again. I'm happy with what nature gave me and I make the best out of it, I don't plan to look like my barbie doll.


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