cervical cancer

Read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cervical_cancer

(Beware - TMI)

I want to make it clear I did not have cancer yet, but during my tests abnormal cells and an infection were found that raised concerns. My treatment was supposed to get rid of all cells, to prevent them from mutating or anything worsening into actual cancer.

The HPV Virus raises the risk for cervical cancer, most women have it and most men carry it without knowing. The more sexual partners someone has had, the higher the risk since there is different types of bacteria that can form one big problem.

I got it a long time ago actually, from my boyfriend. I was always someone who had long term, serious relationships, never a fling or anything like that. But I later had to find out my boyfriend was a total whore, sleeping with other women left and right. I left him without even talking to him or giving him a reason, he did certainly not deserve my grief.

During that time I experienced my first problem, a change in body fluids...my OB-GYN did not know what to do about it though. It bettered and I was not so worried anymore.

Later, I was already married (to my now Ex husband), I had my first PAP test done. I came up a PAP3, which is not bad but also not good, further testing was needed. The Doctor believed I have had it for a while, and the named timeframe made me remember the weird changes I had experienced then.
My treatment then was very quick, and further monitoring showed that everything was okay.

5 years later, in 2009:
It started with abdominal pain and cramps, suddenly I did not have my period anymore...according to my doctor that was normal after many years on the pill though. I know many women would love not to have their period anymore, men think its gross...but I just don't feel right without it, its unnatural. Besides, my period has never bothered me the slightest bit, I mean why should it? It's just blood!
The problems continued, I know had trouble walking due to a strong pain in the crease between my leg and pelvic area. At first I thought I hurt a tendon, then I thought of a cyst....my OB-GYN suggested a pap test, she said the cervix looked very bothered (inflamed).
To be able to function at work I took some ibuprofen which surprisingly helped immediately with the pain and took care of at least the pain in the crease.
As you know, the results of my pap test were not good this time, the doctor did not want to tell me the number, just that it was higher than a III and they wanted to start me on strong antibiotics immediately after removing some tissue.

I don't know what I hated more - having to take 6 AB's a day, or the pain that tissue removal gave me..it is the weirdest pain on the very inside. I was holding my hands on my stomach constantly as if that would make it better. All those drugs got me so fuzzy and gave me frequent nose bleeds, I had to lay down all the time. I had already quit my job, but even just doing normal work at home seemed like so much.

After a couple of months I was found to be okay, my tests came up good.
But - I have to go back every quarter year...I'm due to go now, but really scared of more bad news.
I think this is what they call a cancer scare. It sucked going through all of it, but I knew I was not gonna die right now. Maybe later at midage...who knows. But now I am certainly on top of the whole thing and all treatment options available, hopefully science will surprise me with better treatments years from now :).

It was stressful though, especially since my husband was not dealing with the situation well. He refused to talk about it and seemed really annoyed by it.


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