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The results from my bloodwork are back!

Turned out I was somewhat right. There is in fact a hormonal problem due to the pregnancy, but there is also something else that may not have affected me yet, but surely will if left untreated.

1. My prolactin levels are very high
Prolactin is produced in pregnant women so they eventually will be able to nurse the baby. Since I am not pregnant anymore those levels should have dropped long time ago. In some cases they stay raised for longer or may not drop by themselves at all. I don't have any symptoms of high prolactin though - no discharge from the breasts, they are not even ever swollen, my period is on time and heavy.
Other reasons could he hypotthyroidism (underactive thyroid) or a tumor in the pituitar gland. Most of these are benign though.
It can cause hair loss in women.

Doctors Fix: Tablets to lower those levels, I have to take 1/2 of "cabergoline" twice every two weeks. I hope it is just temporary but some people have to stay on these meds for live. I will also have to get an MRI to make sure I have no tumors.

My thoughts: I assume it was raised due to the pregnancy, so that gives me good chances for it to be temporary. I'm a bit wary to take those meds because my body just started to get better on its own, but I guess since the levels are very high it is wise to take the tablets.

2. Hypothyroidism - Hashimoto Thyroiditis
That is an underactive thyroid, which is known to cause weight gain in people. Again I don't have any of the symptoms, aside from fatique maybe. It can cause hair loss as well as dry and brittle hair.
My results show that my thyroid still works well, but there seem to have been ups and downs. While lookin at my thyroid the doctor noted that it looks like a "sponge" or "swiss cheese", meaning it's already been eaten away and has holes.
At the moment the doctor wants to monitor the tyroid only and treat the prolactin first.

My TSH is also high and actually demands treatment according to the new system (borderline cases are also treated since 2003 in Germany).

My thoughts: If you have a tendency for thyroid conditions a pregnancy can really kill your thyroid. I believe that the pregnancy worsened it on me. 5 years ago my thyroid was fine, I believe there was even another test that came out good, I just don't remember who took it. I think it is good that the doctor treats the prolactin first, since thyroid and prolactin are connected and betterin one can have and effect on the other.

My results:

(click for large size)

Last but not least, my phytoestrogen strategy helped because the prolactin messes with hormones. Intuition is a good thing.
I was hoping for a better result, an easier fix...but I will see what I can do about that.


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