i was a hairstylist..

There was a time when I wanted to do costume make up and styling at theaters. It was not my most favorite job, but when you are young you are very undecided about jobs.
To work at this kind of job you need schooling, which is expensive. The inexpensive way was to start working as a hairstylist (don't ask me why).
I worked at 2 salons, the first one was only supposed to be seasonal training. The lady that owned the salon was very strict, but I tried to follow all her demands, so she would give me the chance to learn something.
Soon I was able to style, color and do perms. Working with hair was not as great as I thought it would be, chatting with people all the time is certainly not for the introverted. Also I did not like "damaging" hair, sometimes I had to dye peoples hair that already felt like straw and to cover up damage the silicone laden Paul Mitchell conditioners were used.
What bothered me most is that they tried to change me, my boss was this 35yr old very busty, hoochy looking vamp and in her opinion I needed all that fake stuff too. I had to dress like a 70ies Disco Girl and later she wanted me to dye my eyelashes, I refused...saying that they were already black, what else could you do to them? When she suggested very very short bangs and some very short cut for me I also refused (had below shoulder length hair then)...I think that already pissed her off a great deal.
Once I brought my younger sister to work (then 13) to use her as a model. My boss wanted to demonstrate blow drying and styling hair for volume. My sister did not really want that but my boss kept her in the chair, forcefully starting to style her hair. She was being very rough and my sister was saying that it hurts, she almost started crying. So I got into an arguement with my boss asking why the hell she would treat my sister like that if she wouldn't treat her customers like that.
And from then on things just went down, I did not even want to get my hair cut and dyed at that salon and stuck with my old salon back home. After a little while I got really sick, it's a bit TMI but I was close to a kidney infection and in much pain. She would not give me a day of or go to the Doctor...just kept saying that I was a pussy. I had to leave that place, I told her that I will go to the Doctor and she started a fight downstairs in the kitchen, grabbing me by the arm (with her claw like nails) and pulling me into her office...I left that salon with her screaming bad things after me...it was really crazy.

I quickly found a job at another salon. The owner was a 36 year old guy that was 'living the life". He was wuite okay actually, the only weird thing was him dating very young women all the time. I was 19, and his dates were barely older. I was kinda, sort of trying to grow my hair then, it was about shoulder blade length, slightly layered, with some bangs. The other stylists had long wavy hair at waist and hip length...so I thought I was in good hands.
I did not really get to do anything at that salon aside from washing hair, cleaning and giving creepy guys manicures. The salon was also selling a make up line and I was told to wear a lot of make up at work (which I did not want to do, especially that fat brown foundation paste..yuck! I'm a powder puff..thats all ;)
The boss brought his girl friend to the job one day, I liked her and she had hip length red hair. The first time she came I was told to give her a spliss cut, which is just cutting off the split ends. Her boyfriend, my boss wanted her hair shorter though...and the next visit she gave in :(
My coworkers always criticized my hair style too, which was weird since they had not hair style..just one length and very wispy curled bangs. My bangs were too 60's supposedly...but hello! Those are back in style..not the early 90's bangs.
Anyway, they ended up using me as a model, my hair was shortened (shoulder) and they said I should grow out my bangs. When I told them I actually wanted to grow my hair they just laughed and said that its too fine to be long...but I guess their desert dry frizzy waves were cool to be grown long.

You see it was not meant to be and after a year I gave up on that profession, just nothing was worth it. I went to business school to settle for a career path that earns me enough money to live well.


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