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Name: Emi

Age: Born in 1982

Height: 165cm/ 5'5”

Hair type: Eurasian

Hair color***: dark brown - blackbrown NG (neutral, gold)

Dye: I used red henna only until summer 09', atm I'm growing out my natural color and will soon adjust the lengths with a henndigo gloss that will neutralize the red, then stay natural.

Monthly growth: 1,7cm/ 0.7" (very fast*)

Texture: 1a – very straight

Thickness: M – Medium thick strands of hair (0.06-0.07mm)

Overall Volume: ii/ iii – medium to thick (ca.10cm, 3.9")/ now ii - medium (7,5cm/ 3")

Friction: 1 – very low, hair is very slippery

Stiffness: 4 – higher, hair has a good flexibility and holds itself away from the scalp fairly well considering the length

Cohesion: 1-2 – low, hair gets stringy fast

Goal Length:

Well it used to be BSL but it keeps changing....I am at Classic Length now but trimming and not growing much. I want to even up my hemline more before I may consider to add more length. / edit: since the hair loss I have not grown my hair and I won't until my hair looks better again.

Hair Care Regimen:


- Wide toothed beech wood comb for detangling.

- Fine toothed boxwood comb for combing and styling.

- Boar Bristle Brush (Normal Hair), all natural by Kent UK for scalp

- Professional hair scissors for removing split ends and trims.


- **“Earthly Delight” herbal shampoo and conditioner (Sulfate and Silicone free, organic)

- Ooshima Tsubaki Hair Oil, Coconut Oil

Wash Routine (10 - 15 mins.):

- Shampoo scalp only, in the shower.

- Apply conditioner to ends (last 10-15cm) or condition from neck down (depends on oaccasion)

- Rinse out with lukewarm water (sometimes cold water)and wrap in towel

- Towel dry for 10-15min.

- Carefully detangle with wide toothed comb

- Air dry

- Detangle dry hair with wide toothed comb, then comb with fine toothed comb and then occasionally brush with boar bristle brush.


- Baking soda – to remove buildup (rare, once a month max.)

- ACV (Apple Cider vinegar) Rinse – to neutralize PH and smoothen hair cuticle (for hair down days)

- Beer Rinse – once in a while

I never:

- Blow dry or style in any way

- Use a regular brush ( and rarely use the BBB)

- Use chemical hair dye

- Use non- organic products ( and always check the inci for every product)

- Use hair spray or gel

But I used to:

- Dye my hair (Until Aug.'06), Sun In Spray in early teens and after that chem. dye for 9 years, applied monthly to whole length ._. (o m g)

- Brush around 20 times a day (Until Mar.'06)

- Wear ponytails or hair down all the time (Until Mar.'06)

- Wash Daily (Until Nov.'07)

Hair Accessories:

- Hair Sticks, preferably smooth coated wood (hair is too slippery after wash tho)

- Hair Forks & Combs

- Barrettes (rarely)

- Ficcare Clips (quit using them)

- Claw Clips (often)

- Seamless cloth hair bands

- Hair circlets (often)

Note: My hair has been getting more and more slippery and certain updos are very hard to do for me even with classic length hair <_<, sticks often slide right out. I think it gets more like that simply because my buns consist of more and more virgin hair now.


70% Up– dos: Buns, Rolls, Twists

10% Half- ups: Pony tail, braid etc.

20% Down

I wear a different hair style every day. I love trying out vintage hair styles like Victorian, Edwardian, Renaissance, Medieval etc.There’s a big variety of up- dos I can do. Recently I had to cut down on barette ponytail hairstyles because they seem to give me frizz under the clip. At home I usually wear a bun with a 4 prong hair comb.


I wear my hair in a lazy wrap bun on the top of my head, held by a small, 2 prong hairfork. I used to hold it with claw clips but with more length and less taper that got more difficult. I may just need the right clip but thats hard to find (lost my best one)

A day/ a week/ a month:

In the morning - take bun down and comb out hair. Create hair do of choice (3-15mins.), I usually match the hair jewelry and style of the hairdo to the outfit I am wearing that day and accessorize.
When I get home I sometimes loosen up the hairdo and do a simple bun (depends how good in shape my do is), sometimes I chill with my hair down a bit.
Before going to bed I comb out my yhair again and then comb it up head down to do my high bun for sleeping.
During the week I may use shea butter to help a style hold better, or my selfmade green tea & aloe hairspritz which has many functions, it smells pleasant (etheral oils), damp hair is easier to style, aloe locks in moisture, green tea is an antioxidant. Once a week - every 4 weeks I cut split ends while sitting at the window and watching TV to make it more enjoyable. Starting day 3 or 4 after a wash I usually oil my lengths, sometimes the ends only, sometimes from the shoulders down, rarely full oilings. Oiling my scalp is not necessary, I wash only once a week and it is very balanced..meaning it produces just enough oil to keep scalp and hair healthy.
Once a week I also massage my scalp with a fine toothed comb or my boar bristle brush.
I measure the length of my hair monthly and the trim accordingly, the past year I trimmed around 0.4-0,7 " (1 - 1,7cm) a month. If I trim only 0.4" my hair still grows a tiny bit, which is how I got from lower butt to below classic length within the last year, while still evening up the bottom.

* average growth rate is 1cm/ 0.4" , 2cm/ 0.8" is considered to be about the max., and ca. 0.5cm/ 0.2" the min. Storys about hair growing multiple inches are false reports.
** Buy Earthly Delight at or call your whole foods store.
*** Black Brown is a true brown shade, its the darkest brown with a brown base color, but it can look almost black in certain light. I'm one hue above that...little darker than the normal dark chocolate brown.
Black brown is often confused with brownblack, which is a black shade with brown shimmer and tones, but the base color is rather black. ;)


  1. Hallo, bin schon ne Weile ein stummer Bewunderer & Leser deines Blogs =) Wollte mal fragen, ob sich seit deiner Zeit in Deutschland die Haarroutine/Produkte wegen Wetter/availability of products geändert hat. LG aus Porto Seguro

  2. Hi! Meine Routine hat sich kaum veraendert, ich habe zeitweise Alverde und Alterra Shampoo benutzt, werde es jetzt aber absetzen und Aubrey Organics Proben durchtesten, weil es meine Kopfhaut zum Jucken und Brennen bringt :/
    Sobald ich da was gefunden habe, poste ich auch mal wieder my hair and care 2012 :)
    LG Emi

  3. Hi Emi, I admire you and your hair very much... I would like to know if you can share your green tea and aloe vera sprits receipe with us ... if you can explain the functions and its uses too... thank you :-)

  4. Hi sissy,

    I mixed Green Tea with Aloe Vera (pulverized). It acts as a humectant, meaning it helps your hair retain moisture and Aloe even attracts moisture. :)



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