my hair January 2010

August  '09  -   January  '10

I started shedding in July but at first my hair seemed almost unanffected. I was thinking it was just a temporary thing and would stop soon, I have never had a problem with sheds really. Since the middle of december the bottom has been looking very thin though. At the moment it is actually a bit more tapered than in the picture you see above.

Right now I am awaiting my test results from the endocrinologist. I'm also planning to see a naturopathic doctor, but I have to see if that is okay with my insurance. Like I mentioned, most likely it is my hormones and most likely things will get back to normal. But hormonal imbalances can last pretty long, and I don't have enough hair to wait much longer.

For now my plan is waiting out the shed and trim all my growth monthly, which might already help a tiny bit. Once it is over I will get to the trimming. I certainly will not chop it off, not even it if it only "3 hairs" left. I will go inch by inch, and stop after each inch...wear it for a little bit and then decide if more needs to be trimmed. I will stop when I have found the best compromise for thickness and length. Luckily I never desired thick, blunt ends...a little taper is lovely on me, just not complete transparency.

If I would only have to shorten it to butt length it would be unbelievably fantastic, tailbone length is still good also, waist bareable, anything above hard to deal with...shorter than bra strap length would feel like a bob to me. I know the worst case szenario could mean actually short hair, truely short, in that case you have to keep me from hanging myself ;)


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