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I have to admit I probably ignored the hair loss for too long. I was just so sure it would be something temporary. Also I did not notice much of a difference in the beginning, my hair started feeling lighter and when I made a bun or ponytail, I felt like I was gathering less hair...but I was not sure wheather it was really much of a difference, or just my fear making things seem worse.
My ends thinned a bit, which was no surprise because they were never thick and they had *just* gotten to the point where I considered them "semi blunt", which was the look I was aiming for btw.
But the taper seemed to increase, no matter how nicely I combed my ends, no matter what angle or setting  I used for a photo.
I told my husband, but he thought I was crazy and said I was not loosing my hair, its all in my head.
But loosing 150-200 hairs a day was definetly not normal for me, my average is around 30 a day (yes I have always been crazy enough to count)

I tried to ignore it and wore my hair in a bun a lot...
A month passed, it was just before New Years and time for me to take a new hair picture for my website (every 2-3mths) and the progress. I was at 110cm/ 43.1", which is just upper thigh length on me. However, when I took down my hair, and combed my ends I noticed again how much thinner they felt. The picture then really shocked hair only looked dense until waist, the rest seemed transparent. I could not believe it and took more pictures, even a video...

I trimmed back to classic length because of the thinness

The first Doctor, an endocrinologist, seemed quite knowledgeable and said he wanted to test me for everything possible. What I have gone through is the best "recipe" for loosing hair he said. When he took my blood he could not help noticing my thin arms. "Not eating right" can cause hair loss. Since he did not believe me I was eating well I had a metabolical test done. In the end I sat in front of a puzzled doctor, looking at my test, not able to understand how someone can eat this much, and burn even more. Yes, my metabolism is freakingly fast, I have it on paper now. And I shall carry this document wherever I go, because I have not met 1 person that believed I was eating a lot. Which I think is weird, because many really thin people are in fact naturally thin and don't starve themselves....the more you know..

After, I saw a dermatologist...who honestly, does not deserve my insurances money. He did "visual diagnosis", meaning without even closer examining me he said : "yeah its thin, but that must be the hormones, nothing I can do, try some rogaine."

What a complete asshole...

Anyhow, I am -still- awaiting the results from the first test.
My guesses would be:

1. Hormone levels crashed after getting off the birth control pill
2. Hormone levels confused due to year long hormonal birth control
3. thyroid acting up
4. Lack of certain nutrients due to stress and prolonged illness
5. Fructose Malabsorption finally gets to me, although thats unlikely

I strongly suspect 1., simply due to the fact that after quitting birth control in July, by late August my shed already seemed to have stopped. 4. Is not so likely since I lost hair only -right after- each treatment at the OB-GYN (cancer scare, remember?).

Next Doctor I will try : Naturologist, Trichologist.

I did not notice my hair disappearing because it was so straight, makes me realize how much hair I is just that my straight hairtype, low friction, low cohesion...never looked like a huge amount of hair.
I know I should have listened to my feelings, the hair getting lighter, the buns getting smaller.


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