why long hair?

There is enough people out there that truely do not seem to understand why one would grow their hair very long. It is definetly not what society tells you to do.
The long hair era ended some time in the early 1900's, that is when the flapper fashion made the bob big, the traditional long hair was seen as old fashioned. Soin the time of my grandmother, cookie cutter hairtyles were en vogue. These made women looks as far from natural as possible. And although "long~ish" hair came back after many years, it was not quite the same and there were many alterations to keep it from looking to much like back in the day.
Nowadays long hair only is cool if the wearer got some expensive extensions, don't ask me why...it seems "effortless" and "quick changes" are just the thing these days. But if you grew out your natural hair, without having much done to it, you get easily labeled as arkward.
This among other things keeps women (and men of course), from growing their hair out. They care about what others think so much, that they can not even make the decision for themselves. Yes, I want to say we are all brain washed into liking the same things.
But remember a time when your mind was free and you admired whatever you admired? For me that was early childhood. Most young girls naturally admire really long hair, princess hair. Often mothers forbid their children to have their hair long.."too much work", and if your mother did not mess with your mind, puberty and the teenage urge for change and coolness will.
Not to say everyone wants their hair very long, but I know of many that desire very long hair...though would never even dare to try.
Once you are an all grown woman, you probably never got to experience very long hair or only remember it from your childhood and proudly tell people how long it was if you get a chance. Women usually examine each others hair thoroughly, you will get comments on color, cut, length. But that also means that they can comment in a not so pleasant way...about your roots, your grown out cut...does your hair look lank today?
This is how so many women fall into a styling trap and "bad hair days" are blamed for not being satisfied. Many hope a new color or cut can be the way out of this problem, but in the end you will only have damaged your hair to the point that you won't be able to have it look good without styling fluid and blowdryer. Yes, hair can look good without any styling.
If you are at that point, would you dream about crazy lengths? Probably not..but what would it be like if you gave it a try? In most cases it will grow a little, friends might urge you to get a trim and say the ends look "ragged", you might experience much trouble with damage because although you are growing..the past damage you have done will get back at you, so in the end many just give up.

The reason I tell you all this is because I wanted to show you what I have also been through. I grew up like most girls, and commenting about my hair must have been like a sport to my classmates and later coworkers. I was close to thinking I have the hair genes of Gollum.
Now I know, that really...most of these people insulting my hair were not honest and were merely trying to manipulate me into thinking I have bad hair. Probably so they feel better themselves, but thats besides the point.

Anyhow, I explained in my first post how I came to have long hair. Once you clear your mind (maybe come across honest not media influenced people) you will be ready for the challenge. And I think that part of me grew long hair out of spite!

The funny thing was, the longer it got the more people were silenced, especially if the hair is in a good condition, you will have people wonder how you do it. I had an easy start, I dyed...but aside from that I did not harm my hair much more, washed a bit too much, brushed too much, but until waist that did not hinder me. Waist length is certainly a milestone, length wise and damage wise. No matter how prone you are to damage, your hair will start getting more delicate at a certain length. And - needless to say, once you pass waist your hair will be considered really long and critique will be given more often.
I had to decide what to do at that length, keep it kinda long? New cut? Shorten? Growing longer did not cross my mind at first, waist length was where I failed last time. But sometimes it takes a bit of inspiration, which I got after googleing for long hair styles, that was when I found the said Longhair Forum and people with all hair types having the same goal.

I really put my heart into it, tried to take care of my hair in the best possible way. Long hair really is effortless, but getting there, being patient, learning so many new things and then sticking to that routine...- that is just so much...
It is quite enjoyable too though, after a few difficulties you will very soon find a good routine and see improvement, and that is just so uplifting. If people think a hair cut can be life changing...try this! It is so much more, you are doing something good for yourself, you are not being lazy, you are making the best out of yourself, naturally. That is something to be proud of.
Once you pass tailbone length you enter serious weirdness territory, but by that time you will not really care anymore. You will have fallen in love with all that silky hair, it smells nice, it feels nice, it looks special and you can do updos that make people go "omg how did you do this!?". You will feel like a fairytale princess when your hair blows in the wind, moves with every step and turn you take. It really does underline looks.

"Letting go" might have been something that could have been easy in the past, but not anymore after all this effort and love you put into a project like this and on top of that you are happy with the outcome.
I know some people grow their hair just to learn they are annoyed by it, but not me...I feel like I formed a strong bond with something I truly enjoy.
A pity, since like I said there is a million things that can cross your plans, just like that.

After saying all that I can say the second reason I grew my hair long is because I wanted more "beauty", extraordinary beauty, not ordinary. I never really liked what most people like. A shorter cut can be cute..but thats it, it wont give me any more.
Since I was saying that my interests are different from most - the things that I do like, are harmonic with the hair style I wear: The middleages, art, metal, all things natural, fantasy, simplicity, mystic things, fashion, my whole life just fits my hair, which would mean the main reason I am growing my hair, the headline, is because I am adjusting my hair to the person I am. I am an artist in every possible way, altering everything around me to fit my ideal fantasy world and life (not just my hair, you should see me decorating my home). Life is not the way I wanted it to be? No problem, I can make it more enjoyable, the same way I can grow my fantasy hair.

So I don't look like Gollum but my hair is "precious" to me. Although I hope I never get this koo koo that I will sit in a dark cave, petting my hair and saying "my precious..." ^^

* Pictures of my childhood long hair heroines
Queen Millennia 新竹取物語1000年女王Niko from 'Galaxy Rangers'
Lady Amalthea from 'the last unicorn


  1. My soul is drinking this post up like a warm cup of tea, just what I needed to hear for encouragement and reflection :)

  2. Ha! Leiji Matsumoto's rapunzels are what inspired me to grow my hair long! Oh and Lady Amalthea too.
    I think long hair either makes or breaks your look, and that is why so many people are afraid to grow their hair. In an age where people think they MUST style their hair with heat, chemicals, and use harsh shampoos to be "clean", it is unthinkable to grow long hair while even short hair is difficult to maintain (when it comes to conventional haircare of course). However, I have noticed that healthy, silky long hair gets way more positive attention than any other types of hair, but it just takes some TLC.

    1. That is true, many seem unaware of the fact that styling your hair every morning, dye etc. could actually hinder them from growing very long.
      Since I wrote this, I have been noticing a trend for more natural looking and longer hair though...I wonder if some sort of "trend" is happening.



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