MRI stress

A couple of days ago I had an MRI done to check for tumors in the brain or pituitary gland. I really hope I don't have any and it seems unlikely but my Doctor wants to be sure.
It was a hassle getting the appoinment since the Doctors office did not seem to be able to give me the authorization code. So I sheduled the closest appointment possible to get that done before my follow up at the endocrinologist.

I was asked about having any metal in my body...." 13 piercings" was my answer. The lady at the phone said I would have to take all of them out or it would "rip me apart". (wtf.?)

I guess she meant that it will rip out the piercings which I have been able to google using the keywords "mri piercing". There was a ton of horror stories, not very realistic sounding, thats when I checked safe, which said proper piercing jewelry won't be attracted to the magnet.
I got some help to get my cartilage piercings out, the studs would not open. So in the end I appeared to the appointment with only the nape and the septum piercing. Both were allowed to stay in, titanium was no problem at all, did not even blurr or affect the picture in any way!

I was not too happy about going into that tunnel, had it done 10 years ago after a horse riding accident. My MRI was done with contrast and they injected something into my venes that made me feel lightheaded.
My husband took me to Panera Bread after, I floated to the counter to make an order. The lady was very unfriendly, I guess I was also a bit  too quiet for her taste but thats no reason to walk all over me.
Someone said, now that I live in NY I need to be a bitch just like the people here, I would rather stay a nice person to be honest. But I find myself mocking unfriendly people like that sometimes. The said woman got the most ecstatic "thank you" and the brightest effing smile I had available...her face was priceless.

It sucks when you're sick and the world is just one big asshole. At least the following days were nice.


  1. It sucks when your sick and the world is just one big asshole.--> Das stimmt!

    Warst du mit dem ganzen Körper in der Röhre?
    Ich musste letztes Jahr nur mit dem Kopf rein und Metall weiter unter am Körper war kein Problem (Gürtel, Jeansknopf,...).

  2. Meine Beine waren noch draussen, aber mein BH hatte z.B. Metall und der war drin...



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