the rise and fall of a braid

I have always been taking pictures of my braid to see certain changes related to taper. As you know I started off with breakage, that I got from monthly full length chemical dye applications over a period of 9 years.
Luckily I stopped before too much hair had broken off, but that + layers made me suspect that my braid will look different when all grows out. So I began watching it and it happened exactly as I thought. My braid got thicker at the base, and then the thickness grew down...with some natural taper of course, but it seemed like the taper was more evenly spread out over the whole braid the more length and new hair I grew.

You can see it very nicely on this collage.
When the shed struck I did not mind the changes too much..but after December I panicked a bit. I assumed that my shed would stop in October (it lessened then) but it didn't, the amount even increased again (postpartum kicked in). I think around January I had the most massive changes, I could post a picture every week and see worsening, look how close together the last 3 braids are:

The picture from early february shows my braid is thinner than at the beginning of my growth journey. Especially the part past BSL is pretty thinned out.

Don't laugh, but I don't mind my braid too much. The last picture is certainly not my ideal but keep in mind it still measures 7,5cm at the nape...that is a wee bit above average, it does taper fast though and I would be happier with something like 8.'09 or 10.'09. My pre shed 2009 braid was bit too bulky for my taste ( I see it like that now, before I did not think about it much and not really wear a braid often), I'm a slender girl and my braid was a bit heavy, difficult during sports (other styles too)...and most importantly ...when my hair was down I had this huge curtain I could spread out on top and then thinner ends at the bottom. Thats why I am always aiming for evening out.

As you can see, the fall is much quicker than the I don't know when I can show improvement on my braid (and I can never guarantee that there WILL be improvement), but I will try to continue documenting just like always.


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