will i ever get back to this?

I just found this amazing photo of my hair...taken September 3rd, 2009. My hair had barely thinned out then..I did not even care about that bit.
I can almost not believe that this was really my hair! And you know what the worst part is? I was not 100% satisfied with it...I always wanted my ends more even, which eventually they would have gotten more even,...once you stop growing hair evens up. But I should not have stressed as much about my ends, I had days when I did not enjoy wearing my hair down.
Like I pointed out before, when we grow our hair very long we often loose a realistic perception on hair.
I see it in many "fans of long hair" too, it is like a competition for some, with the motto "more is better".

Anyhow, I think that is a great length on me, maybe a bit more too..but around there is what I would consider my goal length. Sadly, I don't even have a guarantee that my hair will get back to its old self...my thyroid sickness could be permanently reducing my potential. That is what bothers me most, not that I have to take time to grow it back to its old self,..the question on wheather I will get back to my favorite length again is what stresses me.

In a way I am my idol at the moment, which is funny because I have always searched for an idol...a woman with a similar hair type, color and texture that has longer, more even hair than me. And I have just never quite found my idol twin.
The closest were probably a few Asian straight haired ladies, but still there was just something different about my hair and I could not see my realistic future looking at their hair.

I will take pictures in this outfit regulary now, and at least post a yearly comparison to the pictures taken then (was a bunch, all angles)..and hopefully one day I will find my hair to look the same again...


  1. I think you'll get it back Emi. Your health will improve again, and your hair will follow suit.
    I think it is an important thing we can all remember - to appreciate what we *do* have, and be joyful if we gain even more than that.

    When do you think you'll do the henndigo/amla?

  2. Thank you, I'm sure that I will appreciate my hair much more from now on.
    I'm unsure about the henndigo...right now I am focusing on ending my shed, so I think after I see some thickness improvement I can do the henndigo and look forward.

  3. Keep your head up Emi! I remember years ago when you had damage, layers & hair loss but you gave yourself a positive mindset, treated your hair gently & began regular trims. Your hair grew longer, healthier & thicker in what seemed like no time. I know things seem dire right now but I think the loss is due to hormones & once your body regulates the loss will stop. Unfortunately pregnancy can put your body out of whack for quite a while but soon enough things will start looking up. Keep up with vitamins and it is so important that you find a way to reduce your stress from all of this. The stress will only increase your health symptoms including hair loss.

  4. Thank you Melysssa, I know I will be able to improve it just like I did then if my health kicks back. But at some point I was just not sure wheather the hair loss will stop any time soon. Also I have used up a lot of energy on my hair then, it seemed frustrating having to do it all over again. But in the end its the best I can do :)
    I'm happy to say the stress has really lessened lately.



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