worst so far was...

Just after Christmas my shedding increased from 140 to 230 hairs a day. The picture I took early january was not up to date after only 15 days, in mid January I have probably taken the most horrid pictures of my hair.

It was weird to see for the that it looked like more than half of it had disappeared, I kept taking pictures hoping for a better outcome, but all of them were bad in some way.
I tried spreading out my hair less for the photos, but it did not help much, and honestly..its not really a solution, trying to keep the hair from spreading out, that is what it naturally does.
I looked into the mirror, hoping I would see my hair in its old state, but I did not see what I was used to.

(109cm) This was the worst picture taken, I had my ends oiled because they were really thin and flyaway. Normally oiling my ends does not make things look worse, but I guess it did here since the difference of the thickness - top / bottom, is just so significant. I have lost mostly long hairs it seems.
I was later assured that it does not look as drastic IRL though and I felt a bit relieved. But imagine the horror that day when pictures and video turned out like this..:(

A more accurate freshly washed picture:

(109cm) Its still thin to about BSL or midback length but it tapers more gradually. I still decided to shorten it a bit though, I trimmed 3 times in January all together. Most trimming I have ever done to my long hair.
Around mid January, I also discovered the effects of beer and re-fem...and that was when my hair stopped worsening I feel. I do shed a little bit more than normal, but that gives me hope soon to be back to normal.
Now here is a picture after the 2nd small trim:

(107 cm) This was taken January 28th. My hair is exactly classic length here. I don't feel too bad about shortening a little bit, it makes the tapered half look "shorter". Since I slowed down the loss, I have the weird feeling that a tiny bit of thickness grew down, the hair on my crown feels fuller and when I twist my hair into a bun I feel more density closer to my head if that makes sense.
It is absolutely crazy how strongly one can feel the slightest changes in hairs thickness...I don't think I am imagining it, but we will see in 2 months.


  1. Ich finde es sehr mutig und ehrlich von dir, dass du auch die Fotos von deinem Shed zeigst und nicht nur Fotos von deiner Traummähne.

    Darf man hier eigentlich Deutsch schreiben?

  2. Ja klar kannst du deutsch schreiben.
    Mein Ziel ist es ja Zuechtern -wirkliche- Erfolge zu zeigen um in allen Bereichen der Pflege und des Zuechtens zu motivieren. Deswegen versuche ich realistisch zu zeigen wie es um meine Haare steht...es ist nunmal so dass sie im Moment nicht so super aussehen wie frueher...wenn ich mich hinter huebschen Bildern verstecke werden sie IRL auch nicht besser. Aber ich hoffe ja dass ich die naechsten Monate so auch eine Besserung dokumentieren kann.



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