hair january - march 2010

January   -   February   -   March
~monthly trim progress~

In January I could have basically cut my hair to midback the way it looked. But you see with just a little patience it now looks more like hip is "the spot". It would have taken me much much longer to grow from midback to hip, then to thicken up midback to hip. That is something most people don't understand about hair...
I have also believed in my "trim, don't cut" method for growing hair long...I have tested it for many years and it is the best way to "max. out" your potential. If you want to grow very long, but your hair tapers easily, this is the way to grow!

I will explain the phenomenon in another post, but now...lets talk about the changes my hair has been through. I have been trimming my approximate growth rate monthly +/- a few mm. My last 2 trims were done according to the moon phases at the end of the month. So the march picture is actually very late february.

That was the month when that "line" was crossed hair got very see through, almost "dissappeared". As you can see it weirdly tapers in a reverse U, not the usual V or U people get when they shed. That is a sign of very rapid changes. The ends were flyaway and easily got stuck on clothing...they would not really "hang" anymore. This picture was taken after a 1.5cm/ 0.6" trim.
My shedding rate was lowered due to phytoestrogen intake (re-fem, beer)

After a 2cm/ 0.8" trim, I saw a wee bit of change. Also notice the thickness growing down past Midback in now a natural V/U shape, the way hair normally grows, and that is a sign for the shed having stopped enough to allow thickness to travel down.
My shedding rate kept decreasing.

Another 2cm/0.8" trim, and I must have really hit a spot...a hemline is "starting to form" again. The thickness grew down even more. My thyroid ridden ends seemed to regain their health, over the past few months I had hypothyroid symptoms like "dry, brittle hair"...not so much breakage, but lots of splits for me. S&D took care of a great deal too (my skin also seems much less dry)

So, these are just 3 months, but I think I have really shown a good start already. I want to see on myself for how extreme cases this method can work...and what makes it work.


  1. That's a huge difference in such a short time! I hope you can explain this because for some reason I can't wrap my mind around how that could be. Good news, nonetheless. :)


  2. Oh is it THIS much? In my head if I take 2cm x 2 = 4, that does look to me like about 4cm grew down + I trimmed about 6 from the bottom = the march result.
    I will post the pics in supersize on LHC too.

  3. Ich finde den Unterschied auch gigantisch, ich hätte nicht erwartet, dass man so schnell so einen starken Unterschied sehen wird. Super!

    Zum Glück hast du keinen Radikalschnitt gemacht.

  4. It seems like a dramatic difference, but when you measure it out that way, and with the trim, I guess it does make sense.
    Your hair grows so quickly! Soon it will be like this thinning never happened!

    I hope your medicine is working well too.

  5. Yes, luckily it does grow quickly, thats why I was able to gain length while trimming so much (1,5cm monthly) last year. I have now posted larger photos in my LHC blog where you can see the pattern to the ends better, that little hole in the middle and such.
    The medicine seems to have stopped it completely!



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