dressed up medieval in NYC

I certainly turned a ton of heads when walking around NYC dressed like a viking woman 900 a.d. (although people usually just call it "peasant" -_-)
New York is hard to shock, but I think this was very different from the usual crazy people.

Why would I dress like that?

Because I was going to a concert and the bands playing to have a viking/ medieval/ pagan theme to their songs..hard to sum up in a few words, but please check them out.

ELUVEITIE (gaulish folk metal):

AMON AMARTH (viking death metal):

A lot of people seemed to really like my outfit. I took a video of the concert as always, which I will upload to youtube as soon as I can.
I always stand in the back because I need my space to dance and especially for headbanging, 42" of hair = 84" radius of space. People are still not exactly "safe" from me, but at least I don't have everyone standing in front of me, next to me and behind me tangled in my hair *ouch*.
I'm still having pain in my left leg and have to take Naproxen atm., since that makes me really drowsy though I just kept myself pain free with motrin during the condert, worked pretty well actually.

Anyhow, it was a lot of fun, if you like to go crazy on concerts, go all out....metal is the way to go...its epic, its powerful, its loud. There is more going on than just a little 'bootie shaking' on a Lady Gaga concert and probably not for the "prissy-only girls".

Last but not least

On the way to the concert I got "Locks of Loved" for the first time in my life. This ca.50 year old lady comes up to me:
Lady: Do you know Locks of Love?
Me: ....yeah.... (already knowing whats to follow)
Lady: Well, you should really think about it, I just donated my hair.
Me: You know they don't use any dyed hair for wigs (hers was)
Lady: Yes they do, I called them.
Me: Well I would like to keep it long anyway.
Lady: Maybe not now but in ten years..
Me: (~thinks: in 10 yrs. I will be only 37 and woul like my long hair still) .....
Me: No, thank you
Lady: (getting louder) You know...in the future, you might have cancer too!!
Me: Thanks, I had my share..
- Lady walks off...

How rude, how about she reads a little more about the organisation before judging people she does not know? How about she donates some money to cancer research? And how about being less tactless?


If someone really wants to donate, I would certainly pick out a better organisation. If someone does not want to donate then that is their choice, there is neither a shortage on wigs, nor does this help more than you donating money so cancer patients can actually afford wigs. And keep in mind, fighting cancer takes priority....so anything donated to research and medicine goes a long way!


  1. Hallo Emi!
    Sieht nach einer Menge Spaß aus! Und sehr hübsch siehst du in dem Dress aus! Übrigens sieht das gar nicht nach Bäuerin aus. Ich weiß nicht ob Bauern es sich so leisten konnten ihre Kleidung so zu färben :)

    Manche Menschen sind echt dreist! Ich wüsste gar nicht was ich in dem Moment darauf geantwortet hätte. Bei sowas bleibt mir immer die Spucke weg!


  2. Danke, ja eine Bauerin oder Bettlerin waere lang nicht so gekleidet..aber edle "Kostueme" verleiten Leute dazu sich das Mittelalter schillernder vorzustellen ;)

    Ich hatte auch keine gute Antwort parat fuer die Frau aber ich denke das naechste sage ich ihr dass es wohl wichtiger ist ob die Patienten ueberleben als ob sie eine Echthaarperuecke haben. :)




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