groin pain again, another infection?

For about 4 days now I have been having that same pain in the groin area, just between the pelvis and the thigh, that I had last summer when I had my cancer scare. The lymph nodes are swollen a bit too, its only on the left side (just like then).
Back then mutated cells and abnormal bacteria had to be treated, that was pretty much how the long road of illness started. The treatment was pretty exhausting, taking all that medication along with other treatments made me feel crappy. So I really hope I don't have to got through ALL that again and it is an easy fix.
Also, I would really like to keep my reproductive organs....I'm not sure wheather I will have children in the future, but I would like to have the option to have own offspring at least. I think I would feel very bad if I would have to live with the knowledge that I just don't "function" that way anymore.
I have an appointment at the OB-GYN on monday, in the meantime I will have to wait it out with painkillers. Its not unbearable, but uncomfortable when walking and it keeps my awake at night, there seems to be no comfortable position for this.

UPDATE 4.12.2010
The test revealed no regular STD's, therefore I will have to get a new pap test done to see how the HPV is doing.

UPDATE 4.20.2010
Still testing, no cause found yet.


  1. Ich hoffe,dass es gute Nachrichten waren, die der Gyn dir geben konnte :(
    ich kann außerdem auch deine Gedanken nachvollziehen was Nachwuchs angeht.
    Ich wünsche dir alles gute und gute Besserung. Es tut mir Leid, dass du soviel zu durchleiden hast.

  2. Leider nein, genaue Tests sind noch nicht da aber es ist wieder eine Art Infektion...ich poste mehr sobald ich genaues weiss!




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