trim progress for may

I think I have prooven my point by now :)

Within only 5mths I have made enough progress for it to look decent again. Sure, I want it to get much better still, but I will get there soon at this pace.

JAN - FEB - MAR - MAY (clickable)


Trimmed: 1.6cm/ 0.6"
Length: 106.8cm/ 42"

Ponytail Circumference:
Before shed: 9.7cm/ 3.9"
Lowest: 7.5cm/ 2.9"
Current: 8cm/ 3.1"

In January it actually looked like I needed to trim to Bra Strap length or midback for it to look full. Now it looks pretty good until Tailbone length. Imagine I would have went for a trim! o_o
What I want to say is this - after hair loss you hairs taper/ thinness can look worse than it is. We all know how thin ends can give the illusion of thinner hair.

I know that to finally make people believe this method works I will have to show much more improvement. But be assured, I will persue this until the end!

My hair last year:

Sure, it will take time to regain all of its thickness, but once the transparency is gone it will all be good. I'm not sure how long it will take to get back to normal, but I'm positive I will get there if illness does not strike again. At the moment it seems controllable.

I'm just a bit sad that when I will visit Germany in July/August, my hair won't look like what I promised my grandmother. On her side of the family the women had very long hair, thats why I wanted to test out thigh length like her mother had. I sent my grandmother photos of the progress and she was impressed.
She does not know I'm ill, she is not doing too good herself and I don't want to stress her too much. Maybe I will just tell her it was my thyroid. She would not understand the rest anyway and only panic when she hears "tumor".

As far as other family members go, they all know I'm "special" *g*, but I doubt they will understand my decision to keep that ill thin hair long instead of shortening and regrowing. Noone else in my family has long hair btw., my sister and my cousin used to have long hair...but my cousin is overstyling and straightening hers and my sister was not able to manage her long hair and often had tangles and damage. None of them have ever come further than elbow length though.

Oh well, this will be interesting....^^


  1. Wow, Emi, your hair is looking great! The progress you've made is fascinating!

    I've been reading your blog for some time now, and I've learned a lot about haircare. I'm also very impressed with your courage in dealing with your health issues. I hope your health is getting better, because your locks surely are!

  2. Hi Ohtawen,

    thank I'm not the only one seeing progress. Sometimes its a bit hard to tell, thats why I try to make the pictures so perfectly similar, even align the shoulder at the same height and scale the body to the same size ^^.

    Thank you for the well wishes!

  3. Hallo Emi,
    diesen Fortschritt bildest du dir auf alle Fälle nicht ein ;)
    Ich freue mich so sehr für diese Entwicklung und bin mir ganz sicher, dass es noch besser wird!

  4. Wirklich ein super Fortschritt!
    Wenn du im Sommer nach Deutschland kommst, wirst du bestimmt eine weitere starke Verbesserung sehen.
    Deiner Oma werden deine Haare bestimmt gefallen. Da würde ich mir keine Sorgen machen.

    Beim Anblick deiner Bilder kann wirklich niemand mehr behaupten, Microtrimms würden nichts bringen.

  5. It's very impressive!
    I sincerly hope that you will recover all your thickness at your length soon.


  6. Thank you! I think by the end of this year it will look okay again, although regaining thickness 100% might take years, as long as its not 'see through" I'm okay with that :)

  7. Your hair is beautiful and you are very couregeous for you fight for your long hair and fight against illness.

    Good Luck



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