full regrowth?

1st Set: my 'fringe' of new hairs, was very appearent after I had braided a strand close to the forehead.

I have certainly had many phases of regrowth since my hairloss. Some hairs are almost shoulder length and some barely 1 inch. But as of right now, I think my regrowth progress might be complete. I do think so because the latest 2 inches of hair growth are completely even textured, no frizzies, no little new hairs inbetween. Below those 2 inches there is a lot of baby hairs sticking out.

2nd Set: my nape hairs that are part of some earlier regrowth, must be from last year even judging from the length.
My guess would be that at least on my crown I have maxed out my thickness. What confirms this is that for a while now, I have not been having any thin spots on my head at all, no matter how messy or greasy my hair is (that used to worsen it).
The changes are easy to see in the mirror, but harder to capture with my camera. I have taken multiple pictures in different light and angles, raised contrast a bit on picasa, to show what I am talking about.

3rd Set: The Smooth new growth vs. the baby hairs sticking out below.

Now, that new hair only needs to find its way down, which will take forever but that does not mean the existing thickness will not grow down, above my waist I have a big blob of hair that is just waiting to fill in my hemline ;) We will see how that goes.


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