i have managed time travel

It all started with a Doctors visit. The anti inflammatory drug Naproxen was helping little and causing more trouble than good. My stomach was greatly messed up and it got to the point where I could not eat without getting stomach cramps (read this - I'm peeved cause I lost the 3 lbs I just recently gained Smiley and that I wanted to keep). So I ended up making an emergency appointment with the nearest Orthopedic Doctor.

My GPS, which I greatly depend on, was not working properly. It just kept searching for Satelites. I found the place by myself, it was cinco de mayo and people were literally packed on top of each other in there.
Standing at the counter I was filling out paperwork, when suddenly my GPS decided to start working, blurting out things in Arabic!!! Smiley
The whole waiting room suddenly just went dead quiet....
I tried to safe the situation jokingly saying: "Don't worry, its not planning an attack!"....noone laughed. One woman got up and left the room.
I sat down trying to set this thing back to German. A man next to me, watched me, carefully asking "Did you buy this "here"? So I was like: "No, I got it on the "special Jihād sales Event" in Baghdad...
I was a little irritated because everyone was eyeballing me like I'm about to plant a bomb somewhere. I'm sure terrorists have better things to do than to attack 'Island Orthopedic Medical Care'.

Anyhow, back on topic. My GPS seems to be more than just a bomb...I  mean..."Navigator".

It is a time machine!

I stepped into the examination room, and I immediately felt 25 years younger, or older..however you may see it. I was back in the year 1985! The room was as plain and characterless as Modern Talkings music ^^'.
I waited while looking at posters of people that are not alive anymore...so that is what they looked like back then ;) (okay, okay...the 80'ies are not that far in the past, no offense :P)

Still waiting I took a stroll and came across some patient files...confidental, but right in front of my nose. I also found a little hammer tool, you know that thing where they bump your knee to test the reflexes? Well, it was fixed with duct tape.

Then the Doctor walked in and all I was thinking was: "don't grab the hammer, don't grab the hammer..."
But he did...-_-, my reflexes are fine, thank you...I could have told you that.
One good thing - I did get an appointment for a hip MRI. I'm sure that will tell me more than the Doctors critical eye on my knee.

And because this post was so much fun, check out my last photo (montage) Smiley


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  2. O_o Muslime haben es vermutlich noch schwerer in den USA als ich bisher angenommen habe!

    Konntest du das Naproxen dann jetzt durch etwas besseres ersetzen? :)

  3. Oreen, ich habe mir das auch gedacht...nur weil Leute mal Arabisch aus einem Navi hoeren..o_O
    Ich nehme jetzt Ibuprofen statt Naproxen, verringere aber die Dosis, lieber Schmerzen als voll zugedroehnt.

    You have a point there, back then noone even knew where the middle east was ^^'

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