looking back at July 2009

May 2010, I have been ill for 1 year, or known of it that is.
In July 2009, I already knew that I was going to loose more or less hair.
At what point of time, was uncertain, as you may know my cervical cancer problem did not require much treatment because it was not cancer yet, rather mutated cells. But at that time everything was unsure.

That day the video was made I wanted to document everything before the hair loss really started. I had just worn my hair down at work for the first time (noone knew I had long hair), and then went home to make the video and take some pictures.

I was not very creative at making the video, it was really more documenting than anything else at that time, so that why it is just me combing and standing with my back towards the camera the whole time.
Shortly after we went on vacation to the Carribean (St. Lucia), which I really enjoyed. We traveled all across the Island, seeing many interesting places during that time.

After the vacation, I started my treatment. I had also quit the Birth Control Pill for Health Reasons and switched to NFP. My shedding started right away, but first due to quitting the pill after 7 years of being on hormones.
As you know, that was only the beginning....

I like looking at the Video today. It is something I can aspire to while getting back on my feet....


  1. I love this video, you and your hairs are so beautifull !! It was a very good idea.

    I do also with the NFP (since three years). For health reasons too, I just couldn't keep the Birth control pill.

  2. Hallo Emi,

    dieses Posting hat mich irgendwie traurig gestimmt (es klang so melancholisch). Es ist aber eine gute Idee das Video zu machen. Du wirst ganz bestimmt wieder dahinkommen und deine Haare sehen immer noch umwerfend aus. Du bist ja immer noch das Idol für viele, Emi :)
    Halte immer an deinem Traum und du wirst ihm immer näher kommen!

  3. Mich hats ebenfalls etwas traurig gestimmt, weil deine Haare echt wunderschön waren, aber auch immer noch sind!!
    Du wirst hoffentlich schnell wieder deine Haare haben, die du vor der Krankheit hattest.

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Ja man schaut natuerlich etwas melancholisch darauf zurueck, aber zumindest geht es jetzt aufwaaerts, vorher wollte ich mich mit dem Video gar nicht befassen. Habe es ja immerhin fast ein Jahr fuer mich behalten.
    Ich bin guter Dinge, im Moment macht sich mein Haar ganz gut, denke werde naechste Woche auch mal ein Mai Video drehen weil mein erstes Youtube Video im Mai gemacht wurde..

  5. I love the video! I thought I saw this one before coming to this blog, but I'm not sure if it was you.. the video I saw did not display the girl's face.. I dunno..
    I really hope you feel better soon, and get even healthier hair than this old video. You deserve the best indeed.

  6. Thank you simple!
    You might have seen my first Youtube Video:

    That was made May 2009 before I started any treatment.



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