more meds huh?

This morning I received a call from my Doctors office. My bloodwork came back..
The lady on the phone did not really have an overview of what is going on, all she said was: "you are slightly hypothyroid and we will start you on medication"...
I was like "duh I am, but I thought as long as its bettering no meds" (well in a polite way), that was what the Doctor said last time, he wants to give me the prolactin medication only for now to see if the thyroid betters in return. She did not even mention my prolactin levels in any way. So I told her a few things:

1. I want to compare the results first to see if there is any bettering.
2. If there is in fact bettering it may be worth a shot monitoring this longer than 5 months..<_<
3. Are my Antbodies still high?? That was the dangerous thing, my body was attacking my thyroid, thats why I have Hashimoto Syndrome and not merely a normal Hypothyroidism. Second I could live with technically, first will have to be treated sooner or later.
4. So I'm popping what pills? Are they synthetic or is it natural porcine medicine?
5. Should I really take the meds if I have no symptoms whatsoever (anymore)? I feel healthy.
6. Wouldn't it be a good idea to discuss that with the Doctor before I go ahead.

Well, she is gonna get a copy of the results to me and I will speak to the Doctor in a few days..
But WHY do I have to think for everyone!!?
I think its risky to just go ahead and take those pills...appearently they did not even have my old results in the office anymore, so it could be a mistake.
Just one great example on how lightly the Health Care System deals with drugs. Yes, they may benefit us and there may not be a way around it but they are DRUGS none the less.

Hm...anyhow. I'm good, not worrying to much about health related things and very much focusing on enjoying my time and getting better...I'm sure that will help my condition too in a way.

(that on the left are video screen shots by the way..;))


  1. Unfortunately I see this a lot in the medical field too since I work in it... too often people are getting a lot of pills that they dont even need! But who am I, not a doctor of course. It seems strange they are suggesting that you go on pills now and they dont have the old test results to compare it too. (??) It will be interesting what the doctor has to say.

    Those screen shots are great! :))

  2. great post!!! this happens a lot in the medical system very sad..its up to the patients to ask the right questions and be persistent or else....

  3. Sky you are right, that is exactly the problem, I'm glad I am the kind of person that researches and questions things like these a lot. Blindly trusting the medical system could end up so badly.

    I know, I'm not a Doctor either..but I mean we all have common sense and I know MY story much better than the Doctor that has to look at a chart to figure out what was wrong with me again -_-
    What is weird is that the Doctor first told me that in my case he does not want to put me on thyroid medicine because my thyroid would be working fairly well still and seems to have its ups and down. THAT can mean that it is affected by the unstable prolactin rising and dropping, so before he "doses" at least that should be stable huh?
    I'm not a Doctor but a Scientist and I analyze things deeply ;)lol
    And thank you the Screenshots where made during a walk through the forest. I was trying to find a nice place here :)

  4. Great post. Its unfortunate that people are wary of drugs you can acquire on streetcorners, but if you get it from a doctor, it must be okay.



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