busy times...

As some may have noticed I have not been writing as much lately. I want to let everyone know that I am just really, really busy...not necessarily in a bad way, but it takes up all my attention.

I will dedicate this post to updates :)

So, what happened?

1. i started archery within my medieval reenactment group
I used to be an archer back in Germany..not for long but I loved it. A Mongolian Horse Bow (composite bow) is my weapon of choice. The reason I chose this weapon is because my "persona" is also biracial, just here viking & turkic, which is not exactly true for real life, but a good match for a Eurasian like me.
My bow is rather heavy, not knowing lbs I bought a bow advertised as 55lbs years ago. According to some professional Archers it really feels more like 45lbs, but that is still a lot if you consider beginner bows are around 15lbs.
Anyhow, back then I was determined to master this bow..I shot without any gear or rest (for the arrow) and at the end of the day my left arm was blue and black but I was proud that I was able to shoot this thing for hours.
Nowadays I don't feel comfortable with lighter bows anymore...I could not shoot them to save my life ;)

2. i'm going out
I have been out more and connecting more with people. Not to mention a long hair meet up from a forum I have been pursueing for years took place in New York...so I just had to go :)
As you can see on the picture, my hair is much better, I even almost have a hemline now (Don't mind the color craziness I will post about that later, my hair is NOT yellow ^^)
I am glad I am doing this now, it has always been a problem for me to connect with the right people...it is just that there is not that many good people in this world really, and even less that are alike...as sad as that sounds.
But you can see I am on the best way....I never really had a problem finding friends back in Germany, so somehow I will master it here too, you just gotta know where to look I guess.

3. medieval fairs
I finally get to live my hobby again...
That is a good excuse to spend less time in front of the PC :)

Even a out of State fair is planned in a few days, I am really exited.

4. medical
I am still dealing with A LOT. I am just more positive at the moment since many things are bettering. But really, I am not really "healthy" yet.
My Tumor: Seems to be doing fine, the prolactin levels are low thanks to the medication, so at least its not causing any more problems at the moment.
My Thyroid: Worse...my TSH jumped from 3 to 8 within a few months...for whatever reason. I decided to get it retested before I really start popping thyroid meds.
My HPV: Back...this years PAP test came back positive again, so now I am scheduled for a colposcopy where they will take a closer look at the cerivx. It is also likely that some tissue will be removed and send in for lab testing.

5. other
There is a lot more going on, but I can't quite talk about it yet...I will be sure to explain later on, but for now just know that there is a lot of personal stuff going on, I will turn my life around.
When I am done, you will probably be like "holy shit"...^^ (the hair stays so no worries about that)
It will all be good, but getting there is the hardest part. Please wish me all the best with that, it is important I stay healthy and strong to get where I want to be!


  1. All my best to you in your personal journey. Always stay strong and true to yourself. I know all will be well. Praying for your good health & happiness.

  2. Hallo Emi,
    schön, dass du momentan einiges unternimmst. Das Bild vom Bogenschießen sieht toll aus!

  3. I have seen on Utube, the video on like making of the hairstyle, I wanto to give you a special thanks.

  4. Hi!

    I've discovered your blog through one of your hair style tutorials (that are, btw, really helpful). It's very astonishing for me since I agree and am like you in so much aspects of your life you describe; anyways, just for that, I wanted to send you all my best wishes for the years ahead, especially for your health. And you have wonderful hair, I quite envy you ;)



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