growing again

On the grow experiment

After one year of trimming post my hairloss I decided to continue growing.
[ to see my hair in a thinned state after the loss click here:]
You must now think that my hair must have been restored to its old health and thickness...but nope...
My hair has bettered a considerable amount. Not as much as I was hoping tbh, but a second shed cought me off guard in late summer.
It is also not as healthy as it used to be, but I am working on it. The thyroid issues have made it more prone to damage. I don't know wheather that will subside, but I am still working on having my dose well adjusted anyway. So we will see.

Other than that I will take care of it as good as I can and of course document that too.

Now on to my growing plans:

Stop trimming and let it grow freely for about 5 mths or so.

Sounds crazy considering my hair loss and the not so perfect state of hair but I wanna see what I can do.
If this plan is really desastrous, I can stop anytime ;).
But, if it works out my thickness should continue to grow down and my hair should be thigh length by spring with fairytale ends. I don't have to have blunt ends, I just want my hair to be managable and healthy.
Once I reach thigh length~ish hair I might maintain and trim some more.


  1. I'm so happy to read you again!!
    your hair is always amazingly beautiful!



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