what happened?

What happened?

I have been away for several months for a number of reasons. Mostly health issues combined with personal problems. I also moved from East to West.


Once again I dealt with the issue of 'cervical cancer' (pre-cancerous really). And this time it was a bit more severe.
Last year the abnormal cells were quickly removed with a biopsy. But this time it did not work for me and I was actually categorized as "CIN 3". There is 1-3, 1 meaning "mild cervical dysplasia and 3 meaning severe dysplasia (abnormal cells that lead to cancer).
So I had to have a LEEP done. I was given the option to do it now or within 6-12 mths, but I chose to have it done right away for several reasons.
So on Nov. 1st they removed one layer of cervical tissue. It was pretty painful since even 6 surringes did not fully get my cervix numb.
I was in the middle of my move at that time and had to move boxes into storage myself *ouch*
But I seem to be healed now and hopefully the next check up will show me free of pre-cancerous cells.

For now I am living in San Diego, California. I shall talk more about that later, just need some time to settle and move on with my life.


  1. I'm sorry to read that you had problems again. I really hope that you will be ok now. Take care.



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