requested: long hair in public

long Hair in Public

Someone requested for me to write about long hair in public.

It is really hard to describe the reactions from the public to long Hair, since it depends on so many factors like the place you live in, the taste of the people that see your hair, for what occasion you chose to wear it down.

I don't wear it down much in public
For several reasons:

- I wash once a week so it only looks great 2-3 days after the wash. It is not horrible the days after but I prefer to have it down when it is very clean since it just falls different.
The rest of the week is perfect for pretty updos though ;)

- When I don't know people yet I tend to leave it up since they might get weird with me. Especially in job situations I hide my hair all the time, because whenever I did leave it down there were those (female) coworkers that could not resist making weird or even mean comments or wanting to pull on my hair. Some people may also dissaprove of my hair.

- Keeps it out of the way for certain activities.
For some things, my hair is just too long. I could never mop the floor without my hair dragging all over it so it has to be put up.
Sports are almost worse tbh, I have not yet found a comfortable hairdo that would stay put and not tug, tangle my hair or fly all over the place when running :/


People comment on my hair in many different ways. I often get the generic "your hair is long!" comment. I'm never sure what to say to that since in my head I am thinking "duh!" ^^
Second people ask me how long it took me to grow my hair, expecting it to take around 10 years and are surprised to hear it is way less. I have even been asked if I EVER cut my hair! With a trimmed straight hemline! *shrug*
Many people like my hair and comment positively on its condition, length or color (both henna and natural color) and ask for advice which I like to give ;)
But of course there is also many bad and weird comments. Some people just think it is way too long and very often I get told it is way too thin, usually by people that tell me that IF their hair was long it would be as thick as a tree and how they could never manage it O_o

Crazy world...

One thing is for sure, with long hair you have to be able to handle all kinds of comments and attention....especially, stand above the negative ones and be self confident of your style and own beauty.


  1. Just pass over all the comment of envious people, above all, those of women, who would have their hair as long and shiny as yours. You are happy with it as it is, so it doesn't care what the others would say.
    Keep on and be happy.

  2. I've always loved your hair, so you are one of my inspiring muses! Mine actually reach my tailbone, with a big fringe, since I find il make me appear less severe when I wear up-dos; Having long hair is a beautiful thing, but we have to do with mean comments, often caused by envy... But I feel pretty with my lon hair, even if I wear it up the most of the time, I see a Maedieval pricess in the mirror whe I comb and brush it before going to bed.
    Talking about sports, neither I have found the perfect "hair-fit", I wear big high bun or pigtails while practicing yoga, but is not a great solution for more active sports.
    Keep being proud of your long hair!

  3. Dear Emi,

    I've been following your blog for a a few weeks now, I was moved by your story and on this occasion I need to tell you: No matter what other people, especially "stutenbissige" female ones, may tell you: Your hair is not too thin, it is beautiful the way it is, pin straight, great, extraordinary shiny and of such wonderful colour. Being thus inspired, I decided as well to grow my hair longer, you're such a great inspiration and I do hope one day I'll reach these great lengths, too!
    You should never forget that, as long as we are all different people (thank god), there will always be intolerant or even envious people, but they should not drag you from your way!
    Kind regards from good old Germany:-)

    PS.: I've read about your other site for "longhairs" - is it possible to send me the access details?
    And how has your hair been doing lately?

  4. It's sad that when someone has worked so hard for a look that makes them proud, others put it down. Like the other commenters say, it's possibly down to envy because they haven't taken the time or effort to find their own style and just follow the crowd like sheep.

    Personally I would love to have your wonderful long hair, so natural and yet so regal.

  5. Do you have a baby? :-D
    Wow, i am so happy for you! :-)))

  6. Wish you all the best! :-)
    I, too, have a little son- he maden my life complete.

  7. I always read your blog and now I see the last pictures and the happiness that now you have in your life.
    Best of wishes for you and your family!

    Greetings from Chile!

  8. Thanks everyone! My baby was born Aug.19th, I am very happy but also very busy :)

  9. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I don't understand why anyone would say negative things.... It is YOUR hair on YOUR body. SMH.... People need to mind their own business and worry about themselves. Best wishes from Florida :)

  10. I'm happy that I found your blog! For the sports etc hairdo - try the french braid (Lara Croft style). Worked with my waist length hair quite ok, if you start doing it very high, the hair will appear shorter in the end and less in way whilst doing sports. Works well for yoga and worked well for jujitsu trainings - even after fights only little hair managed to escape.

  11. TiffDen
    Thank you, I will try that. Now that my hair is shorter I may not get tangled in my braid ^^

    True that! Weirdly I meet a lot of very opinionated people that think I care to hear what they think about my hair ;)



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