requested: where do I buy my clothes?

My clothes are really mostly H&M. I tend to look for pieces that look "different", something I don't have, with nice detail, shape, colors...something that catches the eye.
I also mostly buy dresses, since I find they are easier to wear.
You only need a matching cardigan and tights and I find them more comfortable than thick jeans fabric.
For a layered look you can wear leggins under many dresses or even skinny jeans.

Other stores:

Mango: is like my special occasion kind of shop. I tend to get something there maybe once a year after getting some extra money for x-mas. Their dresses are lovely, very good quality.

Goodwill/ thrift stores:
Unwanted pieces are not always bad ^^, I have found many stylish pieces at these type of stores.

Forever 21:
Once in a while they have nice pieces that don't fall apart right away ;)

A little plain sometimes but I have found a few nice items here as well.

Pacsun: rare

American Eagle: rare

Cheap-o brands:
No name stores and brands....there is usually about 10 good basics or cute items within 300 tacky pieces.
I am talking about the stores that sell these thin fabric pieces ;)

All in all I wear 80% H&M and the rest I just find here and there...
I think it is less the brands that make the outfit, it is about buying and combining the right pieces mostly :)


  1. Besides Pacsun (haven't heard of it), we shop at the exact same places! I prefer dresses, too. :)


  2. I really like your style, the way you combine your clothes. Personally I also love to wear dresses...I think I only own two pair of pants. :)
    The dress you are wearing in the picture is lovely! I think the long hair totally completes the look.

  3. Thank you Corin and Melikai.

    The dress in the picture is MANGO :)



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