hair loss & regrowth

My hair has been regrowing on the side of my head, I also spotted new hairs in the back, where it was not as obvious. Maybe it means my hair loss is about to come to an end.
I thought I would share the progress....

My fiance was actually the first to notice a bald spot on the side of my head. All I knew is that I was losing fistfuls of hair. Every time I combed my hair a ton came out, the lose strands tangled the hair horribly on top of that. After a while my hair started feeling "lighter", and like there was just less to it. When I combed it I had less to grab, and when I bunned it less thickness to twist. Just like last time I lost hair. It is funny how you can feel the slightest change.

When I washed my bangs, even those were falling out....a bunch of really short hairs coming out in the sink. And when I washed my full head it looked like a rat had died in the shower. All this actually made me wonder why I was not completely bald already. How could I lose so much hair and still have hair left?

My doctor must have thought the same and asked me to collect some hair until the next appointment, as well as count the hair strands. When I brought in enough hair to knit a puppy out of it, she believed me.

On the left you can see the hair I collected in roughly ten days, and on the bottom left what I lose within a day, usually a bigger clump in the morning and slightly less in the evening.

Needless to say I bunned it the whole day, because it would get into everything. I even found the hairs in my baby's diaper. I also made good use of my knitted calorimetry cover the sides of my head.
Maybe I should start selling them as "postpartum hair loss cover up".

I have another picture here of when it started. I was nursing my baby. Which leads us back to why I am doing this. Sure, it is really stressful to see my hair come out in clumps. But in this case I really want to say "it is just hair!". Take it from someone who has dedicated multiple websites to beautiful long hair.
And normally, I would try to keep my hair (long)...I would try really hard. Just not at all costs. Like I mentioned before, my baby greatly benefits from mothers milk, in more ways than just the nutritional way, and I could never take it from him. He deserves the best, and he relies on me. So I want to do whatever I can. My hair will grow back.

Speaking about growing back - the good news is I actually have fuzz growing in. It looks a little like I buzzed my temples ._., someone even joked that it looks like one of those new hair cuts where a section in the front is kept short. The hair on the side of my head, so a little past the temples is not very long anymore. It used to be down to where my hemline is, but now I have layers ranging from shoulder length to waist length..very odd. Maybe I really should pretend it is an intended hair style, braid the sides or something ^^.

I will keep updating on the new hair. One more thing I have noticed is that I don't have as much hair coming out of my bangs anymore, but maybe that is because I shed most of my bangs... XD


  1. I'm glad your doctor believed you in the end! I guess it was a very good idea to 'prove' the hair loss the way you did. You really lost a lot of hair during those 10 days and it can be so frustrating when medical people won't believe you. I also admire your acceptance of the situation. But I am happy to see there is a real difference visible in the last two pictures!

  2. For someone who values her long hair, that situation is certainly something to be worried about. When I saw the pictures, I exclaimed, “That’s a BUNCH of hair!” How are you able to grow it back? I admire your dedication and patience to regrowing your hair while nursing your baby.

    Gaye Cisneros

  3. Gaye,

    thank you! It just seems the only right thing to do. My son is number one, so nursing him was more important (and still is), as for my hair, I would always want to grow it long again if the circumstances allow it. Even if I would ever have to go short and it would take years. :)

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