a trim, and a new approach to trimming

~We all know I believe in trimming, NOT chopping :)

But, having trimmed myself to death since 2005, I decided on a slightly different strategy:

I was never able to "just grow" my hair.

As you can see in the '05 picture, it was layered, dyed, and highlighted (!!). I failed at growing out my natural hair color and dyed my hair with red henna in 2007. But I was successful at growing out these annoying layers. I do like layers, on others, but my hair type does not really benefit from them. It is too straight/ un-fluffy/ stringy, to really look great with layers. I always had to put LOTS of layers for them to be noticeable...otherwise it just looked like my hair was thinner than it is.

Here are some strategies I have used to grow and even out at the same time:

1. No trims for 9 months, then trimming all growth monthly for a half year -> 2007
2. Micro 5mm trim every month 2007 -> 2009
3. After hair loss, 1 bigger trim (5cm), then trimming all growth monthly 2010
4. No Trims, then 1 bigger trim 2011 (pic on the right)
5. During current hair loss, trimming as needed to keep a semi thick hemline 2012

All trimming methods work, it just depends on your hair at the time, and how you want to reach your goal. During 1.& 2. it was important to me to rid myself of dye/ layers while gaining length.
During 3.& 4. it was important to me, not to lose much length.

What about my current approach?

5. Because of the meds I used to take, and probably also all these pregnancy hormones, my hair has been more prone to splits and breakage (really! ^^'). Very new to me, I literally had no splits until 2009. That combined with my hair loss and moderate thinning, makes me want to keep a thicker hemline, because it is easier to maintain. Splits and damage cause more tangles, thinner hair tangles easier...I would be doing more damage than good to the rest of my hair. So I trimmed the worst bits, used some good old (intensive) S&D on the rest (trimming only split ends), and my hair is back to a decent state. Not totally split free, but I plan to continue trimming monthly + S&D and we will see what it does for me :).

However, I have to note, that with barely tailbone length, I feel VERY short haired...I do like the length, just I have not had my hair this short since 2007.

As always, feel free to test different trimming methods..."me - guinea pig, you - profit", lol.


  1. Your hair is shorter than before, but it does look very neat at the endings, despite the problems you're facing! I think you made a good decision to maintain a thicker hemline. Today I had a big trim myself (about 5cm, see: http://gloomyfashion.blogspot.com/2012/03/went-to-hairdresser-this-morning.html) and although it felt like a difficult step, I think my hair looks much better now. I'm rid of more annoying layers. :) Perhaps I will use one of your trimming methods to also get rid of the remaning layers in time...

  2. True, it is difficult after having had long hair for a while. Especially because you know 'exactly' how long it takes to regrow it.
    I trimmed 15 cm's during pregnancy, which was really hard. I went bit by bit. In the end I was happy with the result, but also a bit emotional. So weird.
    I will take a look at your trim in a moment.



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