hair loss stopped, tons of regrowth (on video)

A few weeks ago my hair loss started tapering off and it has now come to an end!
I have a fringe of regrowth around my face and short hairs sticking up all over my head. I did lose a good amount of hair, but not as much as last time. Although it seems that this time I shed more hair around my face and temples, especially on the left.

Current stats:

Length: tailbone length at 95cm
Ponytail circumference before: 9.8 cm/ 3.9 inches

Ponytail circumference after: roughly 8.5 cm/ 3.34 inches
Goals: restoring thickness more with monthly trims, growing out more dye, removing more splits with frequent S&D.

This shed seemed far less severe, because my hair was already at a "shorter length", I assume at classic length it would have looked worse. Also I kept trimming while shedding, that made it somewhat better (compare Feb and March)

Now, it is the middle of may, and my hemline looks decent, although it really is not a ton of hair... it is nice combed, but in 3D you can tell it is thinner. That is why I will keep the trims up.
Also, having been on meds a long time, my hair is not quite as healthy as it used to be. It is by no means dry or damaged feeling really. All I have are splits pretty much. But more than just a few, so I will see if current S&D sessions (trimming splits) can help me get rid of them. It should definitively not get worse from here on, being off meds and only dealing with minor hormonal problems (breastfeeding can make your hair dryer).
Last but not least, I am looking forward to getting rid of more dye fast.

Do I want longer hair again in the future?
I still like classic to thigh length a lot, but I also like tailbone to butt length...I guess it depends on a lot of things. First comes the condition and then we will see. I would not want my thigh length as tapered as before the big trim (although it was an interesting experiment ;)

Now, here is a (unedited) video of my regrowth:





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