finally another video!

I have finally made another video. It was rather spontaneous, my son was peacefully asleep in his stroller while we were at the castle. I haven't seen my hair on video in daylight since my hair loss and was quite surprised by what I saw. Especially since my hair color has changed since 2009 ;)
I always felt like it was orange-ish (or "amber" lol) and it really is when the light shines on it. 
I am planning on posting some hair dos soon, just need to be sure I can do them well on camera. I'm not as neat and skilled as many others ^^' (which is not a good thing if you make hair tutorials haha). Some scenes are a little funny and you see me talking and laughing...I was not able to go all out because there was watchers, who probably thought I must be VERY crazy.

Well, hope you enjoy it!


Falls das Video dank GEMA nicht laeuft klickt bitte vorerst hier:


  1. Nice video - Qntal was a good music choice with the castle in the background! Your hair looks almost dark blonde in the sunlight!

    Will you do an updated post on what haircare you use soon?


  2. "Das Video ist in Deinem Land nicht verfügbar" :( Ich hätte es gerne gesehen

  3. Melikai
    I know it weirdly looks very light in some light (and very dark in other light)
    I will do an updated post about my hair care soon. It has not changed much at all though ;)

    Ich werde die Videos hier im Blog verlinken. Habs auf Photobucket hochgeladen :)



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