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Some of you have left me short questions or comments. I apologize for not answering any sooner, as you can see my life has been so busy and I did not check my blog often.

One reader asked about the proper way of trimming hair:

Q: One more request! I have noticed that when I go to get my hair trimmed, the hairstylists will almost always do some "tapering" around my face by running a pair of scissors held open down the locks on either side of my face. I hear the tearing sounds, and I am thinking that can't be good for my hair. What have you learned that this cutting method actually does to the hair shaft? Does it weaken the hair and make it much more susceptible to splitting? I am wondering if from now on I should request that the scissors always be used "properly" and for all hair to be snipped, and not "razored." Thank you again. ^
A: It depends how the hair stylist is doing it and what tools he is using. For example, if he would simply pull the hair up and carefully run very sharp scissors down the layers of hair, it is not really a problem. Using a razor however, or much tugging and pulling, can create a not so clean cut, meaning the tip of the hair is more susceptible to splitting open. So you are right, and best is still a somewhat blunt cut. Even if you want layers, there is ways of cutting them without doing this. I usually cut layers just letting the hair fall down naturally on the side of the face, since that is how the hair will be worn. Pulling hair up and snipping away dramatically is too messy for my liking and also somewhat creates taper, which is usually not what longhairs are looking for ;)

Comment: I don't have have one of thsoe accounts yet to leave Comments yet, but I had submitted a couple of those requested topics (clothes and cutting hair), so I am looking forward to your future posts. I used to live in Mira Mesa a couple of years back -- hope that you are continuing to get better and are enjoying San Diego. 
A: Hi again! And thank you! San Diego was certainly an experience. Very different from what I am used to. I think most of all, I will always remember my pregnancy in San Diego and taking my heavy belly Down Town, to Hillcrest or Sea Port Village.

I also have 2 requests without comments:

1. Hairstyles
That is a little vague. I post many hair styles on YouTube and it is hard writing about them, but I will see what I can come up with. If you want to add some details, you still have time now.

2. My skin care
No problem, will write about this soon!

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Thanks everyone! :)


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