you-tubing again?

I stopped making videos some time mid 2010. Ever since I have gotten a lot of messages from people asking why I stopped and if I could resume making videos.

Let me say I truly appreciate that people like my videos so much. I did not expect that, I was expecting a few people to like my stuff, because videos are not trendy, not sexy, not perfect, the music is my own choice and may be odd to some, my hair is very long and in most videos thinned from my hair loss.

It was not my decision to stop, life simply happened. I did not have a computer for a while, not even a home (unless you call Starbucks a home ;), it was just me and my iPhone and I was trying to escape my old life.
After I moved to California, I had very little access to the internet and used that little bit of time I had to maintain my German hair care Forum. I felt bad because most of the time I could not even be there for them.

I disappeared from the web for a while, which was weird because during all those years of unhappiness the internet was my main distraction. After my son was born we went through another move, we moved to Germany. Now we have finally settled. I have access to internet and computer, and if my baby lets me I will be able to continue making videos (probably when he sleeps lol).
I still have a lot of things that I want to share, and I hope viewers will like it as much as my previous work.
Now, I only need to find a good free video editing program. I liked windows movie maker, but I am unsure it will work on my HP210 netbook? Well, I will figure something out for sure! :)

My last two videos, where I left of basically...


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