requested: hairstyles

Someone recently requested "hairstyles". Normally I do tutorials on hair styles, but today I want to show you two simple braided styles that can easily be explained in words.

1. Pinless Braid (click for large picture)

Start with freshly washed to semi oily hair (very oily hair can end up looking very messy).
Do a french braid, starting at the top of your head.
Insert a (rather short) hair stick of your choice into the braid pattern at the back of your head. Be careful not to insert it too low.
Then proceed by wrapping the braid around the stick clockwise
I know it is called pinless braid, but I use a few pins to hold this in place, it depends on your hair type.

Hair Stick: Timberstone Turnings Princess Neoma, these are quite pricey, but if you are lucky you can get them on sale for around $60. This is my only one, and I sold my long locks sticks to buy it ^^.

2. Crown braid with ribbon

Start of with a french braid, once you get to the nape of the neck tie a ribbon ( that can be longer than your hair or) around the base of your braid and continue by braiding the ribbon into your hair. 
Then proceed to wrap the braid around your head, for this style it is wrapped a little further back, creating a small "O". Not as far back as the pinless braid, but well past your ears (hope that makes sense, the pictures show it well), you can tuck the ends of the ribbon under or wrap them around if you prefer.
Pin in place, wear with a matching outfit and show that crown braids look awesome! ;)


  1. i think it would be much better if you can make a video tutorial about it and post it so that people can ask questions of their problems which they face while making it

    1. I have tutorials for other hairdos on my YouTube channel :) I just haven't done any lately because of the hair loss. I would like to feature these styles in the future if I can.

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