planning a neck tattoo

neck tattoo
Since my nape piercing said its good byes last year, I have been thinking about getting a tattoo there instead.

My nape piercing was actually doing well, but I must have gotten stuck on it a bit, and pulled out one side.

By the time I noticed half of it was closed up. It is definitively not long term body art, at least at the moment it is hard to make these things last longer than a few years.

I still enjoyed it though, but I want something more permanent.
I had even thought about a tattoo before getting the nape piercing done.

My neck has been without body art for 8 months now, and I really feel like I am missing something. Since I wear my hair up a lot it is the perfect adornment for various hair do's in my opinion. The picture you see above is NOT what I am planning to get, I just liked the picture. I want something small, pretty, simple, in just black ink, not a lot of detail. I will keep the motive a secret for now, but it will harmonize with my existing ink ;).

And yes, I know tattoos are not for everyone, but I have always liked them (in fact I want a few more), especially smaller ones, and I hope viewers that dislike it can "bear to watch" my videos ;)

I hope I can get an appointment soon, and I will post a picture after getting it done.


  1. I've got a couple of tattoos myself, and one is on my neck, just a little bit under the hair. It's quite small, the dimention of my thumb nail (and I have to keep my nails pretty short for professional reasons), so it's quite discreet, just some lines in black.
    If this is what you want, I'm sure it's going to be really pretty :) even I, that am not a piercing lover, thought that your piercing was pretty, so I'm sure a tattoo would be the right accent under one of your gorgeous hair creations! :)

  2. Hi Kurandera!
    Yes, I want it to be small and discreet like you say. Not that I think large tattoos are bad, I just can't see myself liking anything big permanently. But if done well a lot of tattoos can look great. Of course there is some that look somewhat cheap, or not tasteful but anything else is just a matter of taste.
    I feel the same about my piercings (I have 14 actually, but you would never know), I don't wear large jewelry in my cartilage piercings, just tiny gems.
    Same goes for a nape piercing, if done right, healed right and with some cute jewelry it can look very pretty. That makes me miss it now, is not the best idea with small kids anyway ;)

  3. Hehe!! You remembered me of my Latin and Greek teacher, who told us that her first son had a passion for touching the eyes of people, especially his mother, and so she had to quit using contact lenses ^^
    Small, discreet and well drawn are three important things, but the most important, for me, is that it must have a special meaning, it must represent you... both of my tattoos might seem "cheap", because they're just outlines; but Ive drawn them, they represent something important to me, they are kind of "custom made" on my body :)
    The best thing to do, perhaps, is that you draw your own design, then you go see some studios to choose the tattoo artist you like the most, and then ask him (or her) for suggestions to make your design better :)

  4. Hallo Emi,
    ich kann dir nur so viel sagen, ich habe selbst auch 3 Tattoo's und die richtige Entscheidung zu treffen ist wirklich schwer. Die Idee finde ich aber gut =) Da du viel auf Mittelaltermärkte gehst und sehr Natur verbunden bist, passt in dieser Richtung viel zu dir. Such dir ein Motiv aus, dass du im Nachhinein gut erweitern kannst, falls der Rücken irgendwann einmal eines Bildes bedarf ;) Glaub mir, es macht süchtig ^^ Finde zum Beispiel keltische Dinge ganz toll... aber das solltest du dann selbst herausfinden, was am besten zu dir passt. Hoffe du schreibst dann mal wie es war ^^ Nacken ist nicht ganz ohne ^^

    Viele liebe Grüße Alisa

  5. Neck tattoos are so pretty! I have one on the side of my neck. It's a Kanji that is very near and dear to me and I know it's not as discreet as most, but I like it :) can't wait to see what you decide on!

  6. This kind of tattoos are really really pretty ! I love that simplicity (small, black ink)... it's full of sensibility.
    Can't wait to see your choice... I hope to make mine soon.

    (Sorry for my bad english, i'm french ^^)

  7. Kurandera,
    you are so right about the meaning, one tattoo I have is a kanji which is not only part of my name Emi (mi), but also means beauty, and I like to use the word beauty in more ways than just the superficial one :)

    Das Motiv ist relativ neutral, aber gehoert praktisch etwas zu meinem ersten Tattoo...ich will jetzt nicht zuviel verraten haha.
    Was keltisches hatte ich mir fuer die Zukunft sogar mal ueberlegt, allerdings habe ich das Motiv nicht als Bild, sondern nur als Ring. Ein keltisches Herz.
    Nacken macht bestimmt Spass :P ich bin auch noch so schoen schmerzempfindlich was Tattoos betrifft...

    I have a Kanji too, and it is not all that small. It was my first tattoo and I love it to this day. No matter what anyone would ever say about the placement (lower back) or the fact that kanji were a thing of the 2000's <_<

    Yes that is exactly the simplicity I like too. I like the same when it comes to art. Have you decide on what you are planning to get?
    No problems, my English is not perfect either since I am German.

    Oh and updates on my tattoo - haven't gotten it yet but am saving hard for it, just have to take care of a few bills before I can safely afford it. Worth the wait! :)

  8. Have you had your neck tattoo or are you still in the process of preparation? :) My best friend had another tattoo recently and it was on her left shoulder. She had it with the same tattoo shop that she went to before. The shop is really great, so she became an avid customer. They have autoclave sterilizers, sanitizers, cleaning supplies, and even disposable tools. They place is really clean as well. And, they have an excellent customer service to top it all off!

    Carmella Eaglin

  9. Hi Carmella!

    I haven't gotten it done yet. One reason is my current hair loss, and I feel I want to wait until things are looking up again and I notice improvement.
    Before that I was saving up money. At the end of the month I did not have enough left for a tattoo really. I hope I can get it done this spring. My hair loss has been better too :)



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