extreme amount of regrowth

I have been planning to eventually make a YouTube video about hair loss and regrowth, and how I managed to maintain during that time, how I maintained my long hair, while fixing the damage hair loss had caused.

I have been taking regular pictures of my new regrowth, and want to share some of them today. I am a bit floored about how much hair is actually regrowing. I am literally "growing bangs"! 

I think the reason so much hair at once is regrowing is because I lost a lot in a short amount of time (3 1/2- 4 months). Unlike 2009/10 when I shed hair for over 7-8 months (it always started slowly)

Regrowing fuzz

 Short hairs

longer fuzz

 Much longer fuzz and full regrowth (I have a video for the stage in between the previous one and this)

This is not cut, note how uneven it is. This is all regrowth!

On the right. My sides regrow with a slight wave, likely due to the whirls at my temples.

the regrowth goes back further than my bangs used to be

This is September (i-pod photo), I have whole full streaks of regrowth. Also very annoying are the streaks regrowing by my ear.

Wonder what the circumference of this would be ;P

My hair looks full again, but you can see that my bangs are uneven now.

In August I actually trimmed my bangs and some regrowth in the front now blends in. 

Well, it will take a while for all this to be long again....and knowing that I want more children, I also know that I will likely lose hair again. Just hopefully next time it won't be as drastic. Since I am healthier now, I might get lucky and just shed a bit extra hair ;)

I do wonder though, if I would look like a total fuzzball after the third child. With regrowth on top of regrowth and regrowth....I think I need layers so it looks like I intended this haha...


  1. Hey Emi, weiß nicht wie ich dir sonst schreiben kann. Ich habe auf einer Seite gelesen das du heute Geburtstag hast und wünsche dir alles alles liebe und gute. Hoffe du feierst schön =) LG

  2. I'm going through a terrible shed right now, and my hair looks as yours did after your shed. There is no reason, other than stress, for mine - I've been tested at the doctor. It just is. And with long hair, I have been tempted to cut it very short and let it grow after the shed stops. But I had finally gotten to hip. I am so sad, I can't stop crying. And the shedding just hasn't stopped. It's been about four months. The sides are so thin. Your blog is encouraging. Thank you. I hope to see growth. I still don't know whether I should cut, I just don't know. I appreciate your story.

  3. Hi Feathered,
    I am sorry to hear you shed so much and it hasn't stopped yet. For severe sheds there is almost always a medical or hormonal issue behind this. Hormonal problems being the most common cause.
    What did your doctor test you for? You know, sometimes doctors leave out something. It happened to me before. Testing all hormones, thyroid, prolactin is always a good idea. Other hormonal changes like quitting the pill or pregnancy can be a cause too. Last but not least, some people react to certain foods with hormonal imbalances. It is probably the least likely, but since someone can break out horribly from milk, just for example, it could cause other hormonal issues too.
    Another thing I can thing of is a lack of vitamins. With todays foods we are often not getting enough, because we simply can not eat as natural as we would have in nature. I actually shed more if I don't take a multi vitamin right now, because I am sharing nutrients with my baby (breast feeding).
    When I was shedding I took two different approaches to coping with it. I documented them both here, but my first shed I waited until it stopped and just put my hair away as good as I could. For my second shed I trimmed whenever my ends got really thin. Both work, it just depends on what you want, fast regain of thickness or length. Headbands and hats hid bald spots for me. About 5 months after I started shedding I started seeing regrowth, hope you will see some soon too!

  4. Danke Alisa, jetzt erst gesehen aber hat mich gefreut!

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