pictures on regaining thickness

I wanted to make a post only for some recent pictures of my hair. I have been trimming all growth off monthly (1.7cm) to thicken up my hair without having to shorten it.
I have explained here:, why I prefer this method and believe it to have better results than a chop.
And today I want to prove to you again that it works : D. If you lost hair, fear not, you can regain thickness without cutting it short. Click for larger images. ---> (as a reminder, hair I shed within ten days on the right, and the bottom left showed what I lost in the morning only.)

October 2012

 November/ December 2012

 Comparison to worst and before 


  1. Congrats on regaining all the thickness!

  2. Thank you! I have been shedding hair again though. My period returned a little while ago and I am dealing with raging hormones right I might go through the whole thing again *sigh*

    1. warm wishes :) sending good thoughts your way

  3. Still trying to grow out some layers and my ends are so thin but I am so glad I saw one of your previous blog entries about not having to cut off the length to gain thickness!

  4. You have very beautiful hair ! Congrats :)



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