my hair and care 2013

A lot of ladies have asked about my hair care routine on YouTube :)
So I wanted to post a very detailed blog entry that leaves no questions open.

Often people think that when you have long hair everything is more complicated and it requires more care  and products and treatments...

But really it is more about how you treat your hair and not how much you do to it. 
Most of it is avoiding things that cause damage and doing thing differently.

Like always, my goal is to be naturally beautiful. I want to wake up in the morning and like how I look. I want to take down my bun, shake out my hair and I want it to look healthy and just great. I don't want to 'have' to do anything to it...and not just in the mornings. Never. Not after sports, rain, swimming... you name it.

Well that is my beauty ideal and what I strive for - maximum healthy, untouched "virgin" hair. Didn't we all have that when we were children?

It is normal that many young women want to experience different hair styles and have fun, but after 20 hair styles and 10 colors, you might grow tired and ask yourself: "Is this really me? Is it what I like best?".

I have dyed my hair, I had it short (Bob), I had a ton of layers. It was fun at the time but then there came this point in my life when I wanted something else really badly. That was 10 years ago, and I still follow the same beauty ideal. I think I can safely say that this is me.

My hair and care 2013

I have went through hair loss two more times since writing down my routine for the first time. My thickness is not at the natural normal because of it (close to 10 cm/4"). However,  my texture has improved since my prolactin and thyroid levels have been better for a while and at this time are completely normal.
Age:  30  ( 1/2 ) lol (now 31)
Height:  165cm/ 5'5"
Hair Length: 90cm/ 35.4", upper tailbone  length
Hair loss periods gone through:
- 7.2009- 1.2010 prolactinoma (-2.25cm/ 1")
- 12.2011- 3.2012 postpartum (-1.5cm/ 0.6")
- 10.2012- 3.2013 various reasons (-1.3cm/ 0.5")

Hair type

Texture: 1a - straightest type, no body wave, flips etc.
thickness of single hairs:  Medium -(0.06mm)
Overall thickness/ ponytail circumference: ii - (8cm/ 3.1 "  now after shed, 9,3cm/ 3.6" prior to shed, 9,7/ 3.8" was measured in July 2009 prior to health problems.
Dye: none since late 2009, red henna left on very ends.
Natural Hair Color: it is hard to describe (natural colors are so moody), but it is a dark brown, that looks really dark when first growing out and sometimes almost a little blackish indoors, but the color gets lighter the longer my hair grows, especially past waist, where it is more of a medium to light brown at the ends. My hair has a golden and red/coppery/ orange shimmer depending on light. Because of this it can look surprisingly light in certain day light or sun light.
Okay, enough of that haha.

Friction: 2-3

My hair used to be VERY slippery. Too slippery for my taste, but as my illnesses progressed my texture got rougher, now that I am healthier my texture grows back normal but my natural color without henna has more grip and volume to it. So I am happy with the regrowth that is not too slippery.
Stiffness: about 4-5 maybe? I haven't paid close attention to it but my hair dislikes being bent and is resistant as much as ever.
Cohesion: 2-3 my hair is less stringy for several reasons right now.

Damage (Splits): I have went through phases of moderate to high damage (5) during pregnancy and after, but turns out it was related to my thyroid. The frequent trims got rod of it little by little and it did not return. Right now I have little to moderate damage 2-3, but I expect it to keep improving.

I mostly have splits and because of my gentle hair care, I did not really aggravate the issue and my hair and ends remained feeling soft and not dry despite being split. Sudden hormonal changes can also cause splits on healthy looking hair.


SANTE Family Shampoo Bio Orange and Cocos (for fluffy hair days) and Bio Ginko and Olive (normal) 
Camellia Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar (sometimes)
Seifenkraut (soap herbs) (experimenting atm)


-I wash every 3-5 days atm. (used to wash once a week) because of the last hair loss period.
-I Shampoo my scalp, I only shampoo my ends lightly if they are very greasy and I plan to wear my hair down.
- Once in a while I will rinse with ACV
- I rinse my whole hair and my head with cold water.
- I let my hair towel dry for a little
- I headbang to get the water out of my hair and separate the strands.
- Then I detangle my hair with a wide toothed comb and let it air dry
- When almost dry I will comb again, that usually gets out some more shed hairs well.
- When dry I either leave it down or do some sort of hairdo.


- Le Bao Long der froehliche Drache katalox wood comb with wide teeth
- Le Bao Long der froehliche Drache sandalwood brush (rarely used)
- Kent Brushes boar bristle brush for normal hair (rarely used for scalp only)


- Mostly 3-5 prong hair forks (most secure)
- hair sticks
- soft elastics and hair friendly bobby pins 
- I like headbands and slouchy knit hats

Hair Styles

Currently doing a lot of braided updos, normal braids, ponytails and half down styles
I wear my hair down after I wash it and then in a ponytail or braid the next day, after that updos until I wash. I only braid my crown if my hair still looks fresh.


I oil once between washes, but not every time...
I do S&D as needed (trimming splits)

I never:
- Use any other products than my shampoo, herbs or oil listed above.
- Use heat, not even for special occasions. If I wanted waves, I could do water waves.
- Handle my hair roughly


I eat a Paleo Diet. However, there are many types of Paleo Diets so I will describe mine (which is tailored to my problems some)
I eat a balanced ratio of good fats and good carbs atm (50 fat/ 50 carbs)
I eat a moderate amount of meat.
I eat a variety of vegetables
I eat a good amount of fruit (often bananas)
I don't eat products from grains
I don't eat dairy aside from raw butter
I don't eat potatoes, and rice only on rare occasions.
Foods are organic if I can afford it.
Meat is ideally from gras fed or wild animals, wild caught fish.
I eat a mostly cooked diet but sometimes raw foods atm.
I avoid artificial sugars.
I avoid caffeine
I drink water or herbal teas, sometimes natural juice
I don't eat sweets
I don't eat legumes and little nuts only

I do make exceptions to my diet once in a while for special occasions and such. I will eat wheat products very rarely though, but have a decaf once in a while.


  1. i love your hair emi everytime i want to cut my hair i go look at this page an it keeps me inspired to continue to grow mine i havent reached classic yet but i am trying.if u have used any new hair products please do an update on hair care..i try to use everything you use.:)

  2. Hi Unknown,

    the products really only make up a small part of hair care. And they are not as powerful as many think. Most important is not to weather the hair prematurely with the wrong products. So anything very mild is great, lots of moisture. Other than that handling plays a role also, and very importantly - diet. Your hair needs the right nutrients to be beautiful from the inside out, and your body needs them to stay healthy and not develop conditions that could cause you problems with your hair and overall beauty too. Healthy = beautiful :)

  3. Use of good products is always good for hairs. If we can not us good healthy products it will also the cause of hair loss .

  4. Would u still be able to do all the same steps with a different shampoo? Maybe like horse shampoo?

    1. Technically yes, but the reason I recommend mild organic shampoos is because they will keep your hair looking healthy longer. They don't dry the hair out as much. Long hair can be 3-7 years old! Imagine all the washes it has to go through. This will cause weathering and a harsher shampoo will have the hair weather (age) faster. This can also hinder people with not so sturdy hair from growing long healthy hair. Mane and tail shampoo isn't the most gentle and does not have the best ingredients, but you can see how you personally do with this shampoo, and if you run into problems still switch.

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