probiotics update and starting parasite cleanse

I just wanted to post a quick update. It is still too soon for a conclusion and long detailed post...but I can tell you that probiotics were a good choice!!

They actually DID improve my digestive problems, and also my skin. After using herbs like DIM, milk thistle, vitex and burdock root to regulate my hormones, my acne had bettered. But I wasn't completely clear and it came right back when I stopped taking said supplements.

So I started another round of DIM etc. and added probiotics. With one tablet I really only saw a minor difference, but with two I cleared up almost completely. The red marks actually had time to fade ;)
My digestive pains and bloating reduced to a bare minimum. I might up my dose a bit in the future for perfect results, but so far I am very happy.

The picture above shows my skin in the morning, nothing on. It was in the process of clearing up here as you can see. I also experience some mild dryness, which usually goes away when I put oil, but it is something I am working on too. At the moment it is less.

Since, I have cheated a bit too much on my diet though I have to admit (am part of a new mom group and they always eat cake and drink latte macchiato, and well dairy definitely causes me breakouts and too much cheating in general). So for the past week and a half my skin has been worse.

I will have to get back on track to continue on with the experiment. But probiotics are definitely "the bomb" lol.

Parasite cleansing:

I started! Yesterday... and I felt like crap last night (nausea). But overall I seem to be doing okay. When parasites die off they can make you feel a bit sick for a little while, because all the toxic waste is released into your body at once. It is nothing that I can't function on though. Just some fatigue, mild nausea, minor headache and some twinges and aches in my stomach, a cold is worse.

I am using a natural brand called "Parastroy", it is a blend of herbs that kills of parasites.
The parasite cleanse can lessen the effects of the probiotics, so my digestive problems and acne may return temporarily. That is why I tested probiotics ALONE and PRIOR to the parasite cleanse ;).

After I plan to continue with a even higher dose of probiotics and will possibly add enzymes. A friend of mine has been doing really well with adding enzymes.

And now, wish me luck.

UPDATE June 30, 2013

I DO have parasites! For sure I can only confirm little white worms that look like hookworms or pinworms.
Only a few dead ones in my stool, but I am so glad they are saying their goodbyes to my digestive tract.
There are also eggs.

When I called my doctors office their reaction wasn't what I expected. My doctors "assistant" wasn't happy when I canceled the colonoscopy and did not intend to re-schedule.
Me: I found something that helped my digestive issues..
Her: And WHAT may that be exactly?
Me: Probiotics. I was hoping to get a prescription also possibly.
Her: That is not possible, you buy them over the counter.
(It is actually very well possible and common to prescribe them)
Me: I also found parasites in my stool.
Her: Impossible, you tested negatively for it.
Me: The test must have been wrong then.
Her: Well, discuss this with your general practician, I will send your file to him.

And that is a good example, why you should never fully rely on doctors. Make them help you with whatever you need, but do your own research too. Imagine I would have gone ahead with what my doctor suggested. Not for one moment did he think of something as simple as probiotics, digestive enzymes, testing for SIBO, low stomach acid, parasites...the easy fixes.

I need a new doctor now.

I will update on my parasite cleansing with a full blog entry when I am done.


  1. Oh you already started on the parasite cleanse :) It's great to hear it is working, and the worms you find are dead! I'm looking forward to hear how you feel when the cleanse is finished.

  2. Great article! Additionally, probiotics can treat common digestive problems, such as diarrhea, bloating and an upset stomach. I used to drink Yakult probiotic milk, I find these products not only delicious but perfect health-emerging & balancing as well!

  3. there is a probiotic that you need a rx for .. vsl3 ? I think that's what it is.

    And parasite tests can come back negative (read this in an medical book) , just like any medical test. Assistants.. pfft.

  4. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you have choosen an informative topic .I will remember to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back in the foreseeable future.



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