a trim - i can't wear the celtic knot bun anymore!

My ends will fall out.... :(

Here is what happened yesterday:

I was not liking my ends that day. We did a hair video at our local castle (that I have used for many videos) and I felt like my ends had already thinned some.
This is probably not surprising, considering that after my last shed (ended March 2013), my ends were just at the point where they weren't too thin, but very close to the point of being see through...

Long story short...I trimmed a little more than usual, I am not at tailbone length anymore, and here are the pictures (click to enlarge!):

1. Before the trim

I know the before does not look bad (from a long hair person kind of view), but the ends also had some damage and I know they won't survive the shed.

2.After the first cut -2cm :

Pretty good, but the hair loss layers* on the left really bother me so I decided to trim a bit more in order to even that out faster.

3. After the final trim - 5cm/ 2":

Hip length! It feels a bit weird when I try to grab my ends and they are not where they used to be...but otherwise I am pretty happy with the hemline and my ends feel very healthy and silky. The bottom 2 inches had the most splits from a time when my hair was more prone to them ( late 2010- late 2011).

I also have no more henna on my ends!!

Some after pics:

Thickness and taper can be easily compared with braid pictures. I think my ponytail circumference was like so:

9.5cm | 9.5cm | 8cm | 8.5cm | 8.7cm

The interesting thing is that despite me losing hair over and over again, and my ponytail circumference shrinking, my taper is getting less and less and my hair thickens up lightning fast.
1. Look at the Jan 2011 picture...me after regrowing my hair for one year. In one year I got from 7.5 to 8.5cm. It took long for the thickness to travel down the braid.
2. Look at 2012...these were taken 3 and 6 months after postpartum hair loss! You can see I started out with more taper but then it traveled down!
3. Look at the January 2013 pic compared to July 2013. The way my hair thickens nowadays, I feel like the thickness descends straight down with minimum taper. I did not even have that in classic length times before all my hair loss! 

That is some progress :)


  1. The thickness of the ends I certainly like. I just wish to have ends like that at least at tailbone length. I find it a bit more flattering. But this is good too, not complaining. That said I am back at my before length because I haven't trimmed since then ;)



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