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This video is about a part of my childhood and more a personal project, rather than something very hair or performance focused. I did include several understated scenes though where you can see my hair down simply because I am filmed walking.

I filmed it because soon that place will no longer exist. It is a housing area that was build for industrial workers for a major factory in Germany in Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz). Many of these "housing areas", that are much made up like Military Housing, are over a hundred years old.
My grandparents place was built in 1920. A U-shaped housing complex with a park at the center, parking and a place for laundry. It was much different from where I lived in Hesse (Hessen), with its medieval timber framed houses. It was a different kind of "old". Industrial old.
 Going there for a visit was always like going to a different world for me. I found the people odd, and their accent, the look of the houses and the smell of the air (factory) ;). But I always enjoyed my time there.

The video is about the things I used to do and see. I am basically visiting very memorable places (colored scenes) and remembering the past (Sepia). At the beginning new and old are a bit thrown together but soon it becomes clear what is past and what is present.

Detailed Walk Through:
1. Showing you an aged view of the old housing area. You can see some of my family exploring the area that is now dull and grey, but was once a very beautiful park with a big playground and many "worker children", my friends. None of them live there anymore. Only a few people try to postpone the eviction from their old apartments. This place has seen so many housing community fests, that it is very sad to see it so deserted. The playground was already torn down. Somewhere in there you will see a picture of one year old me playing in that same park and a picture of my grandparents when they started dating.

2. The view changes to the current, grey, deserted state and then transitions to a few bright pictures that show how well maintained and beautiful it was and my grandma looking out the window with all her flowers framing the basement area.
Then you see me by the cellars, which was some sort of special hiding and safe place for me. I always entered the park through the basement door too.

3. Going down the stairs that I walked down to get to the basement, where my grandfather spent a lot of time developing photographs. I used to love working in the dark room. Part of the reason I like photography and filming so much is because of him.
My face appears, which symbolizes the present, spring 2013. I am standing in my uncles old room under the rooftop, which is empty. Then I walk further up the stairs into the attic. The whole house is empty, aside from my grandmothers apartment. It has a creepy vibe. I look down from the attic window which I used to like because it was so high up.

4. My grandmothers apartment looks the same way it did when I was a baby. I remember the living room shelves just like that. My son walks up to the lamp by the bottom of the shelf. The next old picture shows my great grandmother and Baby me in the same spot.
My grandmothers kitchen was where we spent lots of time, watching General Hospital, Dallas, Knight Rider, The A-Team etc. We also always ate in the kitchen.
In the hallway you can see the high ceilings and doors the apartment has as my son walks into the picture. We go into the bedroom, where you can see old family photos on the wall. I always used to look at myself in this flexible mirror to see myself in doubles or even multiples. I also always used to get into my grandmothers jewelry.

5. The family used to spend lots of time in the dining room with coffee and cake. You can see a picture of 12 year old me sitting at the table (and my sister). The dining room still has one of these old ovens (Kachelofen). The next picture shows my greatgrandmother holding me just in front of the same oven, then it transitions to me closing the door of the oven to pick up my son who was calling me.

6. One last flashback at present me, fading into sepia to show that even though that is the present now, one day I will be the past, just like my memories and everyone remembered. A little image of 7 year old me. Looking at it I can hardly believe how much time has past already and that this little girl will one day be an old woman, but there is no way of stopping it.

I promise I am working on hair do videos as well. I took a break from them because of the hair loss period that ended spring.


  1. That's a beautiful ode to your youth and your grandmother! It looks very dreamy, thanks for showing your memories so beautifully.

    1. Thank you Elise! Dreamy was exactly what I was looking for. :)

  2. Hey Emi,

    dieses Video war wirklich schön. Ich hoffe du machst öfter mal das ein oder andere Video von dir. Dein Sohn ist unglaublich niedlich. ;) Es war richtig schön mal wieder ein aktuelles Video von dir zu sehen. Und sogar deinen Sohnemann darf man mal in voller Größe beäugeln.

    Hoffe bei euch ist alles soweit in Ordnung. Freu mich schon auf weitere Posts. =)

    LG Alisa

    1. Hallo Alisa!

      Ja bei uns ist alles gut, ich hoffe bei dir auch :)
      Ich bin deiner Bitte nachgegangen auch mal mehr persoenliche Dinge zu zeigen, UND ich habe noch ein zweites Video gemacht und gerade eingestellt ;)

      Da gibt es dann noch mehr von Aodhan und mir und meinen Haaren zu sehen, und sogar meinen Mann ganz kurz (dem gefaellt das nicht so :P)

      In letzter Zeit habe ich echt viel bewaeltigt und getueftelt, deswegen wird es auch bald mehr Posts und auch Videos geben.

      LG Emi

  3. Emi,
    I was searching the web for help or ideas on how to grow off bleached hair after twenty years and I found your blog. I have been reading your story and life journey for the last two hours. You have been through a lot. You have some of the most beautiful and healthy hair by the way. My hair was that way and to the waist when I was younger, but after a kitchen fire it went up to the ponytail band I wore that night...gone, stuck, melted mess. I thought I would never get over it. Later and many hair styles, I had cancer on the top of my head and things changed again. Women are vain and to this day I call it my birdbath but am still conscious where I sit in stands, or how I bend over when people are standing...anyway, I hope you will go to my profile, read some of my story's, especially my journey. I walk 4 miles most week days all year, I count my calories, I do swim aerobics three times a week. I'm going to be 59 this March and I still fight weight problems. You have inspired me to do more, try harder...Thank you! I will check into the Paleo Diet and try your digestive ideas also. I'm gain to try anything at this point. I'm tired of doctors, treatments that don't work that they say try and don't know the answers to what they are treating, and I'm tired of cancer every time I turn the corner and thought I was kicking it...
    I vented, I'm sorry! I just wanted to say thank you for your honest and helpful posts.

  4. Hello Betty,
    I can understand you must be tired of dealing with doctors and treatments, so feel free to vent.
    I felt the same way. After every visit to the doctor I was dissatisfied and felt like I am not actually fixing the problem. Few I can say were actually good doctors that truly tried to figure out what is wrong. But especially lately the visits have been so disappointing, also because of the lack of knowledge I notice now that I know so much about health and diet. My friend, who is a nurse even confirmed that doctors often have such limited knowledge (only what they specialized in and nothing connected to it),
    The Paleo Diet is a great way to start, because it is anti inflammatory and nutrient rich. That way it does address lots of problems. It can be a bit tricky, since there are different types of it out there. Some still eat rice and potatoes, which I don't usually do to play it safe. Some eat low carb and some higher carb. I now eat a good amount of Paleo carbs since I experienced problems on low carb. I posted about low carb risks also in case you have not seen it. Certainly something that is good to know. I will definitely check out your profile and I am glad to hear I have inspired you so much :) Makes all the blogging and YT Videos worthwhile!
    Let me know how things are going for you and feel free to ask any questions regarding Paleo.~ Emi



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