causes of hair loss, list

When you lose hair, you might feel overwhelmed with all the possible causes. Being overwhelmed is not what you need in a time where it would benefit you to be systematic with research and figuring out what happened.

Doctors will often only look at the most common causes of hair loss, and other culprits might be overlooked.  There are also some things doctors are simply not taught, meaning their knowledge is restricted to one expertise. 
I made sure to include reasons for hair loss that are common, but not very heard of. I also intend to extend and update this list whenever needed.

So if you are dealing with hair loss - sit back and go through the list ;) At least you might know where to start. In other posts I want to cover how you can tackle each problem in detail to the best of my knowledge.

Causes of hair loss:


Lack of sleep 

Nutrition deficiencies (very common)

Excess sugar (indirectly leads to other problems)

HCl deficiency

Indigestion (often resulting in nutrient deficiency)


Pancreatic insufficiency

Pathogenic: bacteria, parasites, fungus (yeast)

Excess estradiol 

Estrogen dominance

Excess cortisol

Excess DHEA

Excess Testosterone and other Androgens

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

Thyroid (possibly caused by above reasons)

Soy and other phyto estrogens (beer)

Heavy Metals (not the music kind ;))

Vitamin and Nutrient deficiencies (possibly caused by diet, indigestion and malabsorption)

Mineral Deficiencies

Hormonal Imbalances (common after birth control pill, pregnancy and pregnancy loss)

Raised Prolactin levels 

Long term use of hormones (incl. birth control, hormone replacement medication)

Toxins and chemicals in cosmetics

Toxins and chemicals in foods

Other environmental toxins and estrogen found in plastic

Food Intolerances and malabsorption (gluten, dairy, fructose)

Food Sensitivities (grains, dairy, legumes, potato - can only be tested by elimination)


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  2. Dear Emi,
    I'd love to see some more posts about your beauty sense. I know it's been a while since you posted the older ones, but they helped me a lot to change my approach to beauty. I stopped wearing eye-makeup completely, rarely use foundation and now I 'fight' insecurities about my, umm, original face features. I'd love to see something about how to remain confident when everybody else is wearing full-face makeup=looks better. But...anything would be fine, I don't want to be rude. Take care :)

    1. Hi S.,
      I have actually been wanting to write about a few things related to skin care because I really figured some things out the past year or so. Just I needed to fix a problem first. Due to a yeast infection, my face did not look great at posting about it might have been odd with my face looking so horrible.
      As far as the make up goes...weirdly I do prefer myself with less make up or without as opposed to heavy make up. I find that heavy make up never makes someone look more attractive because I feel I can see beyond the dark eye shadow...especially up close too much make up is just not fooling anyone. So when I see someone with heavy make up, I don't even compare myself or even prefer my look and automatically feel pretty that way (not to say I'm bomb...but you now, just confident and happy with what I've got) ;) So I think it just comes down to seeing no make up or very light make up as "looking better". I know many people that do prefer it, but as always taste differs.

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  4. Essential nutrients is very necessary for prevent hair loss. Our diet is also the part of it if our diet is not good then we can face such kinds of problems. So always take good diet for your hairs it is the best hair loss remedies.

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