✛ my parasite cleanse

My parasite cleanse was weirdly...pretty unspectacular.
I took the stuff for a month, got out some parasites, and moved on lol. I really can't tell much of a difference yet, but time will tell.
In detail:
The herbal parasite cleanse comes in pill form. I had to take 4 pills twice a day. I part cleanses, and the other sweep the digestive tract. They work together so to speak.

The first couple of days I experienced some minor headaches, nausea and just generally felt a bit sick. I kept having a headdache through the first hlf of the month. It is said that these symptoms that often feel like an approaching cold, are due to the parasites dieing off in your body...and leaving ugly traces of gunk and toxins behind as they fall apart.
Now the parasites - A week into the cleanse I saw litte hook or pinworms in my stools. It is hard to say exactly which one...but they were little white worms (dead). After two weeks I also started seeing eggs.
I never got a whole load of wormies out like many others. Just always a couple of worms here and there. It noticeably got less towards week three and then I only kept seeing little eggs.
I am not sure I got a whole lot of benefits from the cleanse, but in case the parasites were taking any nutrients away from me, or spreading any toxins, at least that is better now! I want all these little suckers out.
I might do the occasional cleanse here and there when I don't have many other issues going on to make sure
there isn't any more and maintain a parasite free body.
How does one get parasites?
Fruit, veggies...many standard foods carry them. Not just meats like most would assume. You can also get them anywhere in the environment, animal feces, your pets etc. They are not incredibly dangerous, but they do take nutrients away and can make you ill if not taken care of. It is quite common in nature, and past humans were much better adapted and their bodies not as prone to parasites. But with very fake and sterile foods, we haven't build up much of a resistance.
Over a hundred years ago, a parasite cleanse was a common thing to do, to maintain good health. Nowadays, we are completely ignoring this old wisdom and only cleanse if we face a very extreme, progressed case of parasites, that ALREADY wrecked havoc (and then kill them with meds that wreck even more havoc, yay!)

Interestigly, the testing my doctor did came back negative for parasites! So they would have not even treated me. False negatives are common with anything in medicine. Always keep that in mind. Listen to your body and the symptoms also.


  1. What brand of parasite cleanse were you taking? I am trying to treat myself for candida but decided to try parasite cleansing as well.

    Also, how do you feel now after the parasite cleanse/die off?

    1. Parasite cleansing is certainly a good idea for Candida! I was dealing with it as well.
      I used Parastroy.
      I do feel a little bit better now, but I am not sure if it is due to the cleanse. My digestion bettered a bit and works "okay" on its own. Before it wasn't working well at all. But that could also be due to the round of probiotics and enzymes. Though I did notice immediate improvement right after. Maybe it is both.
      I have also been much, much less fatigued, in spring I was still dealing with some fatigue here and there. And I haven't had any hypoglycemia related problems since.I think it is a good idea to cleanse once in a while. I might repeat it in the future.

  2. i have done a few parasite cleanses. as well as an extremley dilegent candida cleanse and diet! the diet definetly helped but the one thing that really cleared up problems i have had since i was young like bloating and allergies was a cleanse called RIDSET. its a month long cleanse. i flushed out aloooot of toxins the first week or so and then had more energy and no longer had bloating and even shed some pounds about two weeks after taking it! ( couldve helped that i had so much more energy and slept like a baby :) ) it was all natural so i now take it a couple times a year> its nice to know that parasites are now being treated because belive they are a big part of peoples health problems.

    1. That is a great testimonial! Sounds like it did a whole lot for you! I might try to do another parasite cleanse in the near future to make sure it get everything out. It was so hard to tell how much it did for me. For sure my digestion and bloating have been better as well though, even without probiotics.

    2. Ooops, I pressed send too quickly! I just wanted to add that I agree with many modern health problems possibly being linked to parasites. Just alone the toxins they excrete inside your body and to top it off they are taking nutrients away, sounds like a recipe for disaster ;)

  3. hi my name is nicole and i believe i have parasites/ wormsin my stool and my 19 month old also!!. the drs always tell me no!!!! ur son is fine!!! I give him "raw" probiotics and a multi vitamin, he has a heart condition , its called ventrical septal defect, congestive heart failure, and enlarged heart!. he sees a cardiologist for... its being monitiored... but hes ALWAYS SICK!!!!!!!!!! he catches anything!!!! and i have this strange rash / sores thaT APPEAR ON MY BODY ,MOSTLY HANDS AND ARMS.. i FREAKED THE OTHER DAY WHEN I GOT OUT THE HOT SHOWER! I SWESR THERE WERE TINY WORMS COMING OUT OF MY FSCE/ WHITE AND WHEN THEY HIT THE TOWEL THEY WOULD BE LIGHT BROWN?????? NEBODY EVER EXPERIENCE THIS??? AND ALSO IM SO WORRIED I LOST OVER 20 POUNDS IN LAST 2 MONTHS!!! PLEASE HELP!! IF NOT ME AT LEASY NE ANSWERS FOR MY SON!!!!

    1. Hi Nicole! No worries, I wouldn't leave you without an answer. What you describe sounds very serious and is considered an emergency. Try to find another doctor. Supplements like this one are great, but for severe conditions it might be better to take something prescribed by the doctor. The natural route can take over a month and it is a slow process, the detox can make you feel sick. When one is dealing with minor parasites like me, the ones that only stay by the colon, there is time. But with such a severe case the detox might be too much for you or your son to take. I am not an expert on parasite cleanses, but you can also get a few more opinions on this forum: http://curezone.com/forums/f.asp?f=336
      What do the worms look like exactly? Do they look like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiHtUFuGgSA. Another place that might be able to tell you what you are dealing with is www.paleohacks.com. Though they will also suggest to seek proper medical care. Does your insurance cover a good doctor? Or maybe even a naturopathic doctor? Since you have lost so much weight, and your son is so weak, it is important you act right away. Please keep me updated. You can also contact me via email longhairedatheart[at]gmail.com

  4. also im from the US in wisconsin!

  5. my son however it is localized mostly on his face???? he gets it sometimes on his scrotum or leg or arm very seldomly, back of his neck it started!!. im so scared cux i know h cnt take stuff like tht!!! please help me!! if there are ne parents out there!!! u know how u would feel to look at ur bby itching!! i believe he also feels the worms in his skin!i do! y wouldnt he! also we live with my mom which has a lot of DUST!!!! lots!!! build ups! and mold/black in the bathroom, me and him have now gotten this what looks like a deviated septum in our noses!! i saw a worm in my nose also!! i believe they hide behind the mass in my / hs nose!! plesse help!!! again this is Nicole.!! think of my son at least!! but whatever it is its contageous i believe. my mom has a cat also but doesnt go outside and she has alot of plants...

    1. I have a son too (2 1/2 yrs.) and I can imagine how horrible this is. Which is why you should get help. And don't let anyone send you home. Cause drama if you must. Do whatever it takes to be helped. They can't afford not to help you and trust me no hospital wants a scandal. Here is a topic on curezone about worms in the nose: http://curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=1786466
      When they examine you, they will see you are not crazy, so insist on examination and thorough check ups while being hospitalized so they can witness when worms make an appearance. I doubt the mold causes worms, but black mold can be a real health issues. Only stay living there if the mold can be 100% removed. This could be a reason your son gets sick often.
      Parasites can be transferred through pets, it would be good to deworm the cat if he hasn't been de-wormed recently. You might also want to look into an anti inflammatory diet for your son's health. I eat a Paleo Diet, you can read about it here too. Doctor Mercola or Chris Kresser write great articles and there is lots of info on Paleohacks. It avoids foods that can raise inflammation, toxins and it is very nutrient dense. There are lots of health diets out there, but this one appealed most to me also because it doesn't cut out meat and I have a tendency to be iron deficient with too little meat.
      See if that is something you want to consider from the future.

      Parasites can also come from fish. Freezing kills parasites as well as cooking food thoroughly.

      Good Luck and like I said, keep me updated!



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