grew to TBL& hair loss update

It is not over yet, but I calculated that if it lasts the average 3 months a hair loss episode is supposed to last, it will stop somewhere between October and November. I am a bit unclear on when it REALLY started, because I usually don't comb out shed hairs and actually look at the amount. So I only notice once a shitload is coming out ;).

Just for the record I paid more attention to the phases my hair loss is entering. Here is what I observed:

- I started out losing only about 40 hairs a day (my normal range is 10-15, which is very low and the lowest I have had since I started growing). So 40 a day is not doing too much damage.

- It peaked around late August. I lost about 83 to 90 hairs a day. This causes noticeable thinning for me.


August 26th, 2013
Morning : 24
Noon: 5
Evening: 47
Night: 14

The peak did not last long. I noticed a decrease in mid-September. Eventually it went down to about 40 hairs a day again.
I have been seeing regrowth since late August, it increased in September. Most of it is around my temples and most likely due to me treating the yeast infection (started treating scalp and hair line on 8.28). I did not notice part of my hair line was missing. But about a cm was gone and is now nice and fuzzy.

I can't see a ton of regrowth on my scalp yet, but my ponytail is starting to feel thicker again, only right at the base. It has decreased in thickness though, I am down to 7.9 cm. I will have to see if it thickens up from now on or keeps thinning due to the shed.

I had a few days where barely any hair came out. From experience this means the end of my shed is near. But then something unfortunate happened - my son got sick with a sinus infection again, just like he was in spring, and AGAIN did not breastfeed for a few days (5). My attempts to keep the supply up using a pump failed (I don't respond well to pumps) and my supply was very low before he started nursing again.

I am not sure why, but somehow since then my hair loss has been BAD. I did not count it this time but probably close to the peak hair loss. I was also shedding very, very short hairs from a half inch to an inch long :( .

The past two days it calmed down a bit, but I can't say if this will mess up my progress. I also fear losing more hair again 3 months from now (meaning a % of my hair is shocked due to the drop in breastfeeding hormones and enters the resting phase to shed 3 months from now)...I almost fear I messed it up for myself. This time I did not OD on the Fenugreek to bring it back up, hoping my hormones will be less confused. It is very gradually increasing atm.

I think while breastfeeding I will just have to declare that I am shedding on and off due to the hormones fluctuating. Not a health issue, just an annoying result of a toddler's stuffy nose.
I promise I will present you better hair in the future! (Next pregnancy? After kids? Who knows...) I have all the ambition and the knowledge, just not the luck. :P

Now on the good news, I grew mah hurrr!!

Hip was a bit short and even though it looked nice also, I decided to grow back to TBL. I haven't trimmed the past two months and I grew almost the exact amount that I had trimmed off (1.9cm a month)
Sorry for the pictures showing bun waves, I have found buns and the resulting waves to be a nice thing during hair loss.

Edit: 11.1.'13
(I added an updated picture with my length late October too!)


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