✛ acne from yeast, how my skin became clear (again)

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(All images were taken after getting up in the morning, without any make up foundation or products on, the images were not edited, only cropped.
Sadly blogger diminishes the image quality, but you can see big, good quality images here and count my pores ^^ (scroll to zoom in during the slide show to see collages and full face photographs in 900-1200 px., cheek photographs are smaller (600 px) so you can't zoom)

I don't even know where to start, but I got to the root of all evil possibly (or a lot of evil)...this is HUGE.

Short story - I figured out I had a problem with yeast, inside and out. Yeast can cause SO MANY problems and affect so many functions of the body, it is not even funny.
So as always, something good came out of something bad. My skin problems have made me aware of a much bigger problem.

 - Yeast overgrowth (candida) is very common

The biological make up of a fungus is very similar to the one of the body. That is why it is so hard to get rid of it and why it can take over the body. Very simply put: we all have a certain amount of yeast/ fungi in our bodies and on our skin always, but the problem is that the yeast can take over and cause you problems.
(I would like to summarize what I learned about candida in the future, but first I want to summarize what happened the past weeks)

I think this might have been affecting me for a very long time and just worsened over the past year due to hormonal changes and my body being exposed to my dogs yeast infection (yes it can be passed on from a dog too).

- When it got really bad
A year ago my period returned sooner than expected. I was still exclusively breastfeeding my very chubby and frequently nursing one year old. He was not eating solids at the time.
I started noticing small pimples on my forehead and by my mouth but thought to myself that must be hormone related blemishes.

click for more detail (1200 px)

At the time I was eating a low carb diet, which I feel did not do my health any good, also because it really caused my thyroid to get out of balance (+ heart palpitations, very elevated liver enzymes, PMS from hell with black blood, inflammatory pains, fatigue etc.)
Months later I started to experience hair loss and my skin had worsened. It was mild to moderate acne then and my skin felt dry and bumpy. I blamed it on my hormones and figured they needed to settle down. But months into the problem I concluded it must also be related to my drastic diet change (which really was unintentional, I just "forgot" about carbs). At least many others on health boards had the same problems with a low carb diet.

The first thing I did is regulate my hormones by using herbal supplements. I posted about it here [insert link]. It DID better my skin a bit, it got softer and my PMS completely (!!!) went away, but around my period and ovulation I would still break out much more (20 days of the month ugh!)

Then I took a good look at my digestive issues, which are known to also cause acne. Adjusting my diet for better digestion like GAPS and Sibo protocol did not work for me at all. If anything bone broth gave me the worst stomach ache of all.
I added probiotics+ prebiotics and finally got some relief. My bloating was reduced and also my acne noticeably. But, whenever I felt I saw some bettering, the problem kept coming back at me.

A parasite cleanse and adding digestive enzymes bettered my digestive problems, but held no benefits for my skin. Of course I had also tried eliminating certain foods from my diet to see if they could be the cause, but it also did not help. In April/ May my skin actually started getting really bad. I tried to cover it up but it was getting impossible! It was just too bumpy, red, dry and flaky. I normally don't even use foundation or just a hint of mineral powder...

I stopped using moisturizer, because it can cause acne and other skin problems by increasing water pressure in the outer skin layer, which in turn pinches off sebum canals and your pores get clogged. Instead I started using oil (first sesame, then linseed)...and the oil really did feel nice on my skin. I usually have rather oily skin but since I quit moisturizer and started using oil, my skin has not been oily!
While I was trying to figure out if diet causes me any acne at all, I also went back on eating some pretty standard foods for 1 1/2 months. A little bit of Pizza, Pasta, Bread and dairy every day. I did not get any sudden obvious reactions, but my skins dryness gradually got worse.
I however did not think it was related to the diet change.

By June/ July my skin was a disaster. I think you could safely call it strong acne, and I have the pictures to prove it. It did look pretty weird...very red and inflamed, somewhat itchy with lots of red bumps that did not really have a head like normal pimples do. Worst were by the bottom of my mouth to my jaw, my cheeks and my forehead. Later it even affected my lips and they became chapped, red and irritated. Some parts were simply unaffected though, it would always just bloom in certain areas.

While documenting, I got a picture of my jaw with slightly lower light and noticed the flakiest area looked yellow greenish. I darkened the picture some more and the yellow green tinge became very obvious. I looked at my face and examined the flakes. These scales surely weren't dryness, they did not respond to any exfoliation, even with daily exfoliating there was always a ton left, I was never able to scrub all of the dry skin away, even if would have scrubbed for hours, it was the weirdest thing!

It then doomed to me that it might be yeast. My dog had been having a yeast problem since last summer...and her skin looked like mine. She was also losing hair all over.
Looking at pictures I found many types of yeast and a few looked like mine (tinea facei).
Of course I tried natural remedies for yeast first: Apple cider vinegar, garlic, coconut oil but they barely bettered things.

I went to see a General Practician and said "I think I got facial yeast, my dog has it too" and he prescribed a anti fungal cream, which is what I was hoping for. I also had a test done where skin samples are tested for yeast.
I started using the cream and the next day I woke up to much improved skin. Within only a week my skin
looked decent again. After two weeks it was almost clear...I only had some dryness left.
We had also ordered grapefruit seed extract, which I applied under the anti fungal cream. My skin became amazingly clear, even and fine pored! Clogged pores which I had collected during the past year, washed away, all pores shrank, I have no little bumps or uneven texture whatsoever...my skin is better than ever or at least it hasn't been this clear since being very, very young...maybe 17.

I must have always had a very, very mild yeast problem. After having had chicken pox at 17 my skin changed. At first I thought it might have been the medication. It was drier, oilier and less clear. Still pretty good and clear skin, but not perfect anymore. I also got a few more bumps around my period, which I did not have at 16 (I got my period at 16, so if anything that should have been the year of crazy hormones trying to settle, not a year later at almost 18)
I always had mysterious dry spots that would not go away with moisturizing. They kept coming back. By my mid to late 20's it was pretty normal to me to have a few drier patches on my face. These made it difficult for me to wear foundation because it would never go on evenly and always look dry and cakey on certain parts of my face (yes, despite moisturizer)...but I would have never guessed that could have been the onset of fungal overgrowth.

From what I have read over the past 10 months, I conclude that a lot of people have at least a mild yeast problem and don't know about it. I have even noticed it on people I know (mostly moms, but also my sister)...receding hair lines, flaky dry skin, bumpy skin, eczema like skin...I suggested it might be yeast and anti fungal cream and shampoo have solved all their problems! These women were often told by doctors that they are dealing with a different problem and prescribed useless remedies. Imagine dealing with this for years when the solution is so simple.

I still feel stunned about my discovery...afterall I am looking back at about 1 year of dealing with a fungal infection and 14 years of mild fungal overgrowth. I could have had flawless skin, my skin could be better now I assume...
Anyhow, it doesn't matter, the past is the past and I am thankful that my skin is well now. I have been looking in the mirror less lately, because I am still in shock a little and can't believe that this is really my skin now. I fear it changing for the worse again, but so far it is only getting better and better.
I guess that is a reason why I waited so long to post this, although I started treating the yeast problem with anti-fungal cream and grape seed extract in late July. I wanted to make sure the result is permanent, and that there are no permanent side effects.

My skin continues to get better still. It is healing up nicely and I will try to show the progress in future posts
as well. I did have red marks and some darker purple scars that needed to fade, but since yeast also destroys collagen my face was "less plump". However, it seems to be restoring and now I feel like I am aging backwards pretty much. :) My red marks are almost invisble now, but I do have a few more marks and broken blood vessels on one side of my face, that I hope will fade more. I will post pictures again in the near future to compare.

Oh and the skin test for yeast, came back negative!!! But under my vets black light lamp I was covered in yeast and even still had traces of it left in October. Turns out the test are quite inaccurate though and often only detect already very advanced cases of yeast. Even the black light would not show a very mild case of yeast. So sometimes testing if you receive bettering from antifungal ointments is the best way.

Some more pictures:



(alle Bilder wurden nach dem Aufstehen ohne Make Up Foundation auf der Haut geschossen oder sonstige Produkte, die Bilder wurden nicht bearbeitet, nur zugeschnitten. Leider vermindert Blogger die Qualitaet nach, in besserer Aufloesung seht ihr sie hier durch scrollen koennt ihr ran-zoomen und meine Poren zaehlen ^^. Nur Collagen und ganze Gesichtsaufnahmen sind sehr gross (900-1200 px, bei den Photos von meiner Wange kann man nicht weiter ranzommen (600px)

Ich weiss gar nicht wo ich anfangen soll, aber eventuell habe ich die Wurzel allen Uebels gefunden (oder vielen Uebels)...
Die Kurzversion - Ich habe herausgefunden dass ich ein Problem mit Pilzbefall (candida) habe. Und zwar innen wie aussen. Candida kann SO VIELE Probleme verursachen und beeinflusst so viele Funktionen des Koerpers.
Wie immer habe ich am Ende etwas Gutes aus Schlechtem gewonnen. Meine Hautprobleme haben mir andere, groessere Probleme aufgezeigt.

-"Yeast Overgrowth" also wenn der Pilz Ueberhand nimmt, kommt sehr haeufig vor.

Der biologische Organismus eines Pilzes ist dem des Koerpers sehr aehnlich. Deswegen ist es so schwierig dieses Problem zu beseitigen und es kann Ueberhand nehmen. Ganz einfach haben wir alle eine gewisse Menge an yeast in unseren Koerpern und auf unserer Haut. Das Problem entsteht erst wenn der Pilz sich ungehemmt vermehrt.
(In Zukunft moechte ich gerne noch etwas detaillierter schreiben was ich ueber Candida gelernt habe, aber hier moechte ich erstmal erzaehlen wie es mir dabei ergangen ist die letzten Monate)
Ich glaube dass mir der Pilz schon seit einer ganzen Weile Probleme bereitet hat und sich nur im letzten Jahr "verschlimmert" hat durch hormonelle Veraenderungen und vielleicht dem Fakt dass ich dem Hautpilz meines Hundes ausgeliefert war (ja, anscheinend kann es von Hund auf Mensch uebertragen werden).

- Als es schlimmer wurde
Vor einem Jahr ist meine Periode frueher als erwartet wieder eingetreten. Ich war noch dabei mein sehr kraeftiges und immer hungriges, einjaehriges Baby vollzustillen. Er hat da noch nicht wirklich fest gegessen.
Mir fielen damals kleine Pickelchen auf meiner Stirn auf, sowie bei den Mundwinkeln und dachte mir das muessen die Hormone sein.

Fuer mehr Detail bitte klicken (1200 px)

Zu der Zeit habe ich auch eine (unbeabsichtigte) low carb Diaet gegessen, die meiner Gesundgeit nicht so gut getan hat, auch weil sie meine Schildruese wieder total aus der Bahn geworfen hat (Herzrhytmusstoerungen, erhoehte Leberwerte, Schlimme PMS mit schwarzem Blut, entzuendliche Schmerzen, Muedigkeit usw.)

Monate spaeter fing dann Haarausfall an und meine Haut sah noch schlimmer aus. Es war zu demZeitpunkt wohl leichte bis moderate Akne und meine Haut fuehlte sich trocken und uneben an. Ich habe meinen Hormonen weiter die Schuld gegeben und dachte mir sie brauchen halt Zeit sich wieder zu beruhigen. Aber nach ein paar Monaten glaubte ich eher dass es irgendwie mit der drastischen Ernaehrungsumstellung verbunden sein koennte. (welche wie gesagt unbeabsichtigt war. Ich habe einfach meine Kohlenhydrate "vergessen"). Zumindest hatten auch viele andere in Ernaehrungsforen aehnliche Beschwerden mit "low carb".

Als erstes regulierte ich meine Hormonbalance mit NEM's auf Kraeuterbasis. Ich habe darueber hier geschrieben [Link]. Meine Haut hat sich dadurch tatsaechlich verbessert, sie wurde weicher und meine PMS waren KOMPLETT verschwunden. Allerdings brach ich waehrend, vor und nach meiner Periode und Einsprung noch vermehrt aus (also 20 Tage im Monat grrr!)

Dann habe ich mich etwas mehr mit meinen Verdauungsproblemen befassst, welche auch Akne ausloesen koennen. Meine Ernaehrung auf GAPS oder das Sibo Protokoll umzustellen half gar nicht. Knochenbruehe hat mir sogar die schlimmsten Bauchschmerzen verursacht.

Ich fing daraufhin mit Probiotika an und habe Besserung erfahren. Meine Blaehungen wurden deutlich reduziert, sowie meine Akne. Aber immer wenn es mal fuer eine Weile besser war, kam das Problem wieder.
Eine Entwurmungskur und die zusaetzliche Einnahme von Verdaungsenzymen halfen zwar meinen Verdauungsproblemen weiter, aber nicht meiner Haut.
Natuerlich habe ich auch versucht bestimmte Lebensmittel zu eliminieren um zu sehen ob sie Akne ausloesen/ verschlimmern, aber das hat auch nichts gebracht. Im April/ Mai wurde meine Haut dann richtig schlecht. Ich habe versucht es abzudecken, aber es war einfach unmoeglich. Meine Haut war zu uneben, geroetet und schuppig. Normalerweise benutze ich noch nicht mal Make Up Foundation oder nur etwas Mineralpuder...
Ich habe aufgehoert Feuchtigkeitscreme zu benutzen, denn diese kann auch zu Akne beitragen, sowie anderen Hautproblemen durch das Erhoehen des Wassergehalts in der aussersten Hautschicht, welcher dann die Sebumkanaele verschliesst und die Poren verstopfen. Stattdessen habe ich Oel benutzt (erst Sesam, dann Leinsamenoel)...und das Oel hat sich auch gut auf der Haut angefuehlt. Normalerweise habe ich eher oelige Haut, aber mit dem Oel war meine Haut nicht mehr zu oelig!

Waehrend ich versuchte rauszufinden ob irgendetwas in meiner Ernaherung die Akne verursacht/ verschlimmert habe ich auch eine Zeit lang wieder eine Standarddiaet gegessen fuer 1 1/2 Monate. Ein bischen Pizza, Nudeln oder Milch am Tag. Ich habe keine offensichtlichen, schlimmen Reaktionen bemerkt, aber die Trockenheit wurde immer schlimmer. Ich dachte mir aber nicht dass das mit den Lebensmitteln zusammenhing.

Im Juni/ Juli war meine Haut schon ein Disaster. Ich denke man kann es wohl als schlimme Akne betiteln und ich habe auch einige Bilder um das zu beweisen. Die Haut sah sehr seltsam aus, stark geroetet und fast wie entzuendet, mit etwas Juckreiz mit vielen roten Pusteln die nicht wirklich einen Propf hatten wie gewoehnliche Pickel. Am schlimmsten waren sie unter dem Mund in Richtung Kiefer, meine Wangen und meine Stirn. Spaeter waren sogar meine Lippen trocken und geroetet. Andere Stellen waren nicht betroffen, die Pickel bluehten immer nur an den selben Stellen.

Waehrend ich das alles dokumentierte, schoss ich auch ein Bild von meinem Kinn mit etwas weniger Licht und mir fiel auf das die schuppigste Stelle gelb-gruenlich aussah. Ich habe das Bild noch etwas dunkler gemacht und die gelb-gruene Faerbung wurde richtig auffaellig. Ich habe mir mein Gesicht dann genauer angesehen. Diese Schuppen konnten nicht einfach nur "Trockenheit" sein, sie verschwanden ja noch nicht mal richtig mit Peelings. Ich hatte immer das Gefuehl dass egal wie viel ich schrubbe, immer noch mehr Schuppen uebrig sind. Ich war nie in der Lage sie komplett loszuwerden, es war wie verhext!

Dann ahnte ich endlich dass es vielleicht ein Pilz sein koennte. Mein Hund hatte schon seit letztem Sommer ein hartnaeckiges Pilzproblem...und ihre Haut sah wie meine aus. Sie hat ausserdem ihre Haare an den Stellen verloren.
Als ich mir Bilder von verschiedenen Pilzen ansah fand ich auch ein paar die nach meiner Haut aussahen (tinea facei).
Natuerlich habe ich erstmal natuerliche Mittel und Haushaltsmittel probiert : Apfelessig, Knoblauch, Kokosoel aber es hat sich kaum was gebessert.
Ich machte mich zu einem Hausarzt auf und sagte "Ich glaube ich habe einen Pilz im Gesicht, mein Hund hat das auch", und er verschrieb mir Pilzsalbe (wie ich es gehofft hatte). Bei einem Hausarzt liess ich auch einen Hauttest vornehmen (wo es aber Wochen dauert bis man ein Ergebnis bekommt).
Ich begann die Creme zu benutzen und wachte am naechsten Morgen schon mit besserer Haut auf. Nach nur einer Woche sah meine Haut wieder ansehnbar aus. Nach zwei Wochen war die Haut schon fast vollstaendig rein und es war nur noch Trockenheit uebrig.

Ich hatte auch Grapefruitkernextrakt bestellt, welchen ich unter die Creme auftrug. Meine Haut wurde unglaublich rein und feinporig! Verstopfte Poren die sich im letzten Jahr angesammelt hatten verschwanden einfach, alle Poren schrumpften, ich hab keine Hubbel oder unebene Hautstrukur...meine haut ist besser als je zuvor, oder wenigstens so gut wie schon lange nicht mehr...vielleicht seit ich 17 war.

Ich glaube ich hatte schon lange ein sehr, sehr mildes Pilzproblem. Nachdem ich mit 17 Windpocken hatte, hat sich meine Haut veraendert. Erst dachte ich es haengt vielleicht mit der Medizin zusammen. Meine Haut war trockener, oeliger und weniger rein. Nicht schlecht, aber eben nicht mehr perfekt. Ich hatte waehrend der Periode auch oefter ein paar Pickel die ich mit 16 nicht hatte (ich habe meine Periode mit 16 bekommen, heisst man muesste eigentlich annehmen dass meine Hormone danach etwas verrueckt spielen wuerden und nicht mit schon fast 18).

Ich hatte immer mysterioese, trockene Stellen die mit Feuchtigkeitscreme nicht weggehen wollten. Sie kamen immer wieder. Als ich Mitte 20 war, war es fuer mich schon total normal einige trockene Stellen im Gesicht zu haben. Durch diese war es schwierig Make-Up Foundation aufzutragen, weil es nie gleichmaessig wurde und diese Stellen immer trocken und "keksig" aussahen (trotz viel Feuchtigkeitscreme)...aber ich haette eben nie gedacht, dass dies der Anfang von bakteriellen Veraenderungen sein koennte.

Nachdem was ich die letzten 10 Monate alles so gelesen habe, bin ich mir sicher dass viele Menschen zumindest ein sehr abgeschwaechtes Candida Problem haben und davon nichts wissen. Mir ist es dann sogar bei Menschen in meinem Umfeld aufgefallen (einige Muetter, aber auch meine Schwester), duenner werdende Haaransaetze und Haare, schuppige und trockene Haut, unreine und unebene Haut, "Ekzeme" woraufhin ich vorschlug dass es sich um Candida handeln koennte. Pilzcreme und Pilzshampoo haben diese Probleme beseitigt. Viele dieser Frauen wurden von Aerzten nicht ernstgenommen und es wurden ihnen nutzlose Mittel verschrieben oder dass ihr Problem ein anderes sei. Man stelle sich vor man hat so ein Problem jahrelang, und die Loesung ist eigentlich so simpel.

Ich bin selbst immer noch geschockt ueber meine Entdeckung. Immerhin habe ich ein Jahr mit einer akuten Pilzinfektion hinter mir, und 14 Jahre mit einer milden Form von Candida. Vielleicht haette ich makellose Haut haben koennen, meine Haut waere ohne die Probleme jetzt vielleicht besser.
Aber egal, die Vergangenheit ist Vergangenheit und ich bin dankbar dass es meiner Haut jetzt gut geht. Ich schaue in letzter Zeit wenig in den Spiegel, weil ich immer noch geschockt bin und ich nicht glauben kann dass das jetzt wirklich meine Haut ist. Ich befuerchte manchmal dass es wieder schlimmer wird, aber bis jetzt ist es nur besser geworden.
Ich denke deswegen habe ich auch so lange gewartet dies zu posten, obwohl ich das Pilzproblem schon Ende Juli angefangen habe zu behandeln. Ich wollte sichergehen dass das Ergebnis von Dauer ist, und dass es keine dauerhaften Nebenwirkungen hat.

Meine Haut verbessert sich stetig. Sie heilt wunderbar und ich werde versuchen die Verbesserung in zukuenftigen Blog Posts zu dokumentieren. Ich hatte rote Flecken und auch dunklere, violette Narben die Zeit brauchten um zu verblassen.  Da Candida auch das Kollagen unter der Haut zerstoert, war meine Haut weniger "prall". Allerdings hat sich das auch gebessert. Fuehlt sich fast wie rueckwaerts altern an. :)
Ich hoffe dass ein paar rote geplatzte Aederchen und ein paar Narben noch weiter verblassen, werde in ein paar Monaten nochmal Vergleichsbilder zeigen.

Achso....und der Test vom Hautarzt, der war uebrigens negativ!! Habe mich dann aber nochmal von meiner Tieraerztin (!!) mit einer Schwarzlichtlampe anleuchten lassen und siehe da, voll mit Pilz. Das Gesicht sowie der Haaransatz hat bis Oktober noch Spuren aufgewiesen. Erst beim letzten Besuch war es zum groessten Teil weg.
Leider sind Candida Tests nicht besonders akurat und oft nur dann positiv, wenn es schon extrem schlimm ist. Selbst das Schwarzlicht kann angeblich ganz leichte Probleme nicht aufzeigen.
In manchen Faellen hilft nur zu testen ob ein Pilzmittel Verbesserung bringt. Cremes sind sehr potent und koennen ueberall angewendet werden.

Noch ein paar Bilder (alle gross und klickbar)


  1. Wow, your face is not totally healed but that’s already a great improvement in just four months! This is what happens when you figure out the cause of your skin problems before doing something to cure it. I hope your skin will continue to heal. George Chambers @ Amani Medspa

    1. Thank you, I hope it will improve further, but I suppose some scarring and redness will just take more time.

    2. Acne or Pimple is a BIG Problem that crosses the borders of age, gender, race and social status. Benzac AC is a topical water-based gel wiyh its active ingredient benzoyl peroxide perfect for the treatment of acne. Benzac AC aparts from its acne-treatment counterparts is that it does not contain alcohol and it is fragrance free. Read more at:

    3. Amazing history, would post what brand of oil you are using and the fungus as well

  2. Was your yeast issue only external, or is related to the digestive system too?

    I have tried the paleo diet and herbs, and even though I feel better, I still have bad skin. I also have PCOS so that's another issue. I never of fungus being the cause of acne, so I am eager to try this out. Are there any brands of anti fungal you recommend for the face?

    By the way you're very pretty and very unique looking (elven sort of). Your long hair really adds to the look too. Have you've modeled before?

  3. Hallo Emi! :)

    Danke für den Post! Wie so oft finde ich mich bei vielem wieder. Ich werde das auf jeden Fall für mich auch mal anrechercheiren. Ich hab mir bei deinen Beiträgen schon zu oft gedacht: oha, wenn sie da nicht übers Ziel hinaus schießt - aber letztlich habe ich meistens mit ein paar Monaten Verzögerung die selben Erfahrungen gemacht oder doch sehr ähnliche und musste einräumen, dass du richtig lagst. Ich bin ja selbst sehr motiviert und engagiert was meine Recherchen angeht, aber es macht es immer deutlich einfacher, wenn man schon auf Erfahrungen anderer (deine) zurück greifen kann. Darf ich dich fragen was für ein Anti-Pilz-Shampoo du verwendet hast bzw. deine Bekannten? Fungizide Cremes habe ich sogar noch hier. Hm...
    Und ich muss mich echt mal wieder bei NaKa blicken lassen...

    Ganz liebe Grüße und ich hoffe dein Hund ist auch wieder gesund,
    Heike /Mai Glöckchen

    1. Hallo Heike! Sorry ich hatte den Kommentar nicht gleich gesehen.
      ich hatte dir auf Nagai Kami aber geantwortet, ich denke nicht dass der negative Test unbedingt richtig war. Negative Candida Tests sind keine Seltenheit, selbst meiner war negativ, und die Pilzcreme hat das Problem ja nun weggefeuert. Ein Test mit Hautgeschabsel ist eher akurat wenn die Haut schon total befallen ist, aber im Falle von Tinea facei ist es ja nur eine duenne, trockene Schicht die auch schuppt. Es ist eben nicht alles ein Ringelwurm und schreit PILZ ;)) Ich habe Ketmed Shampoo verwendet und meine Pilzcreme war 2%ig.
      Meinem Hund geht es auch super! Sie isst jetzt nur noch Fleisch und Fett und das Problem ist nicht wiedergekommen. Ihr "Rheuma" ist sogar weg :) Sehr schoen fuer so einen alten Hund so ein Health Come Back zu haben. LG Emi

  4. Hallo Emi!
    It seems that I have the same problem.. Could you please tell which medicaments have you used? Da sind viele verschiedene Salben.. bin mir nicht sicher was ich kaufen soll :(
    Ganz liebe Grüße

    1. Hallo Lina! Die Creme heisst Ciclocutan - http://www.dermapharm.de/tl_files/dp_de/content/produkte/abbildungen/ciclocutan_ciclocutan_creme.jpg
      Ich habe die 2%ige vom Arzt bekommen, aber in der Apotheke gibt es auch die 1%ige Creme ohne Rezept. Je nachdem wie schlimm es ist reicht vielleicht die mit 1%, allerdings habe ich sie noch nicht getestet. LG Emi

  5. Hello Emi. Thank you for sharing all the details and your pictures. It is encouraging. Your skin is beautiful! I have started a similar treatment for my face and seen such an improvement. I have had this problem for very long time and I feel like I can lift my head a little more every day that passes.
    : ) Thank you so much for sharing. Best wishes and good health to you.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, but I'm very happy it helped you! Please keep me updated about your improvements, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Your welcome!! I'm so glad it helped you! :)

  7. Hi your skin looks great and i hope that it continues for you. İ was wondering what your cleaning routine is before applying the anti fungal cream. Would you recommend anything and have you cut out eating yeast all together?

    1. Hi! My skin has continued to improve, thank you! :) And you're in luck, I posted about my routine here: http://longhairedatheart.blogspot.de/2013/12/treating-facial-yeast-infection-related.html I still do the same thing. I never ate actual yeast ^^, do you mean foods that can lead to fungal problems? I eat a Paleo diet. Have been since early 2012, it has helped with other health problems and also benefit my skin some. But then I got the fungal infection. Now with Paleo+ free of the fungus my skin is great.

  8. Hi, Can I just ask how long you maintained using the anti fungal creams for? And then did you stop completely or slowly reduce frenquency of usage? Did your skin get worse before it got better? Mine is quite dry and irritated already and I worry any worsening might be tough to deal with. thanks.

    1. For 6 months I used it twice a day, because the dry scaly skin would come back some if I skipped an application. It did not get worse, it got better fast with every application. My skin was almost cleared up after two weeks of use, then the dry scaly skin came off, which looked a bit funny for a while. Underneath was healthy, clear skin. If you have a yeast issue, a cream will quickly help you. The creams aren't irritating or drying either. They are rather moisturizing and soothing. I still use the cream one year later, because I have a Candida problem in my digestive tract! I wrote about it in my latest post, but basically I have a fungus in my stomach which causes yeast on my skin and scalp. I am getting treated right now, but so far I am not responding that well to the medication. I have been able to reduce my use of anti fungal cream by a lot though. I use it every 1-2 days only and less of it. Once the medication works I can hopefully get off of it. :)

  9. Hi! I am suffering the same thing, i would like to know what is the name for the anti fungal cream for your face?

    1. I used ciclocutan, but it may not be available everywhere. Generally any Anti Fungal Cream should work for it (you can look for creams with clotrimazole in them for example). It is best to apply it thickly, at least two times a day. I have heard of cases where it only started getting better when lots of cream was applied. Make sure to also get your stool checked for Candida, because it will come back if you have (too much) candida in your digestive tract.

  10. What I really want to ask is, if this cream contains steroids? I'm afraid of using them on the face. What do you suggest? The doc has prescribed a steroid cream but I'm not sure if I should use it.

    1. Hi Katy! The anti fungal cream does not contain steroids. And I would strongly advise against them. It is very likely that any inflammation you may have will subside once the fungus disappears.
      Also see this: http://www.examiner.com/article/the-hidden-dangers-of-eczema-steroid-creams
      HTH! :)

    2. Thank you so much for your email. I have just ordered clotrimazole and can't wait to use it. I was diagnosed with seb derm but a culture was taken which showed fungus on my skin and which makes me skin very dry and red. I am currently taking a natural anti candida supplement and have reduced my sugar in take. I can't tolerate lactose so I take lacto free dairy products. I also have a yeast overgrowth in my system (confirmed by a OAT test). When your skin was irritated, was it flaky at all?

      What advise would you give me, in terms of how to use the cream, eating habits or just in general? I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much do

    3. what you describe definitely sounds like a fungus! My skin was very flaky as well. More in some spots. I was told by my doctor it is dry skin, which wasn't even true. May I ask what supplement you are taking? There are some promising ones out there for sure. Candida can cause you not to tolerate lactose anymore. I had the same problem before I was treated for my gut candida with Nystatin tablets (recently, these don't affect the liver). Now I can tolerate dairy better, but not perfectly. I am not eating any at the moment. Even lactose free gives me slight problems.
      Since you have a systemic Candida problem I would really suggest changing a whole lot. Also be aware that your Candida is likely a side effect of another problem. Candida usually gets the chance to manifest itself when something else isn't right. This could be as minor as a stomach acid problem (I posted about it), not having enough good gut bacteria...possibly caused by allergies, hormones, thyroid, intolerances and medications. I am planning to write about all these soon, I am still working on putting some more info together and perfecting my own strategy. I know that my own problem is also related to my digestive issues. So I am fixing these as well as altering my diet. Atm I am eating a reduced carbohydrate Paleo diet, without starches. Starch is converted into sugar and raises the blood sugar levels much more than other low glycemic carbs. So for now I am sticking to low glycemic carbs, but do make sure I consume enough for my carb level not to be too low (about 140g a day). I had problems on a low carb diet before, so this is as far as I will lower it for now. The Paleo diet is one of the best approaches to Candida out there imho. Something like probiotics or digestive enzymes might help your candida problem as well, assuming your digestion plays a role. After taking them for 6 months, my digestion was doing well even without them, but my problems returned, maybe because my diet wasn't quite right for my problem yet. I had many starchy foods in my diet until recently. Wow, that was long! I hope you can extract some useful info also from my experiences. Like I said, I will write more about all aspects of treating Candida soon! :)

    4. Oh and I forgot - the cream works best when applied thickly at least twice a day. You are trying to suffocate the fungus to kick start the die off. Once the skin is clear less cream can be applied. My face was a bit whitish after applications and I would wait for the cream to sink in.

    5. Hi Emi, this is probably in 6th attempt in writing back to you but somehow it keeps getting deleted. Do you have a email address I could write to? If not then I will try to find another way to respond. I have a lot to type and I think this isn't letting me if I get a word wrong, I can't go any further.

    6. Hi Katy, you can email me at longhairedatheart@gmail.com. Not sure why it does this, maybe it was too much text?

  11. Hi Emi thank you so much for the detailed post!

    It's hard to find good information online for what I've been dealing with and have been so frustrated with derms in the past (no culture, no looking into causes, just looking at face and prescribing typical acne meds that didn't work). I've tried so many drugstore and DIY remedies to see what would heal everything that is going on with my face. It had gotten to such a high level of irritation that I changed everything that could be a culprit: diet, skincare routine, makeup, laundry detergent, shampoo, etc and although that was good for my overall health and led to less inflammation, didn't make significant changes to the infection itself.

    I have been applying OTC Clotrimazole for the past 2 days on the irritated areas on the face and I've already noticed an improvement. I'm hoping that once the yeast/fungal infection heals I can move on to clearing up scars.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and helping so many with this debilitating issue.


    1. Hi Sammy! I'm glad to hear your skin is already improving! I know how it feels when you change so many things, yet nothing helps actually getting rid of the problem. It is good you kept searching! I can only imagine how many people just accept what their doctors tell them! I mean I have been there too...but if I would have listened to doctors for my recent health issues, I would be in a horrible state right now. An open mind is so important.

      If you can, it would be great if you could update me about your progress! I would love to share that it works great for others as well. I have been getting a lot of messages and even photos of success stories and I am so happy I was able to help out so many! :)

  12. Sammy do you live in England London? I've just ordered the same cream and wondered how you use it and how do you know you have a yeast problem? I've had my tested by a Harley street clinic and came back as high ARabinose yeast in my body. The lady believes I have sebhorric and acne but I really think it's the yeast acting out. I'm taking an anti fungal right now and hoping this cream would work as well as it did on emi.

    1. One thing that helps you know for sure that it was a yeast problem: If the creams clears up your problem it was a fungus. There is nothing else in the cream that could improve other issues. So testing it is one of the best ways to know.

    2. Mine improved overnight... You're absolutely right the only other ingredient in the clotrimazole cream I am using is PABA ( A B Vitamin found in sunscreens..something like that ). Did using the anti fungal cream all over your face cause any irritation?

    3. No it did not cause irritation at all. Less than moisturizers and such would.

  13. Thank you so much for your post! Very informative. I have been battling something similar since having skin treatments done. My skin looks very similar to yours and it itches and burns! GP told me I had Perioral Dermatitis. Gave more more antibiotics which were not helping at all!! I tried applying diluted apple cider vinegar to my skin and immediately the itching and burning was gone. I am also using Psoria Gold (which has curcumin, anti fungal). Also tried a patch test of some generic anti fungal cream on my chin and the skin has been clearer overnight :o!

    1. Hi ICEDTOFFEECOFFEE! Very interesting to hear all these anti fungals improved something! I had a bit of success with ACV too, but it did not clear me up. Though it really helped reduce the itching on my scalp. It took me about 1 week of daily ACV use to be almost itch free. Canesten solution (with clotriazole) helped within a day and a half though. The skin treatments could have made your skin more sensitive! My skin's protective barrier isn't the best I believe. All those years that I washed it with harsh generic products might have done it for me. It is much less sensitive and not prone to redness anymore now with my oil+water routine. :)

    2. Good sharing, for healthy purpose, apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps to boost metabolism, blocks the body’s storage of dietary fat plus breaks down and dissolves existing body fat. A study at Australia’s University of Sydney in which subjects who consumed two tablespoon of ACV daily experienced fewer surges and crashes in blood sugar levels. Read more at:

    3. do you think you have perioral dermatitis and bumps like hers that are the same thing or unrelated?

  14. Hi Emi. I've suffered with the same problem for 5 yrs. It was exactly like yours. I seemed to have kept it under control for the last two yrs with flare ups only to the back on my ears and chest that lasted for only a couple of days with topical acv and not the face like before. But the last month it has came back to my face with intense itching. I started using a cream similar like yours and it has clear most of the issue but I still have some random rashes that turns into pustules sporadically on the face even with use of the cream. I'm not sure if it's building resistance and becoming less effective as I've read that yeast tends to adapt to a tx and making it less potent or stopped working all together. I was wondering if you built resistant? I've also changed my diet and have not had any form of sugar or yeast feeding food since yeast but I'm still having flare ups :(

    1. I'm sorry to hear you have been dealing with this for so long :( For me anti fungal cream still keeps the problem away and if I stop using it it comes back less bad and it takes quite a while until small dry patches show up. Changing my diet hasn't done a whole lot as the yeast goes, but I have been consuming a certain amount of carbohydrates because I do very bad on little carbs (hypoglycemia type of problems). I am working my way to a lower carb diet atm so to say. I also haven't taken any potent oral medication yet to bombard the yeast because of the dangerous side effects. Only one drug called Nystatin, which cleared up yeast in my digestive tract. It works only there though and has no effect on skin. Have you tried an anti fungal with a different active ingredient? I find some don't work very well for me. I tested a few recently. Ciclocutan works the best for me. Something like Monistat (Miconazole) actually causes rashes and irritation though. I think I may be allergic. Terbafinhydrochlorid did not do anything at all. Your symptoms could also be some form of allergy or eczema? It sounds as if they appear rather sudden...while a yeast issue usually slowly worsens. It takes forever for me to go from dry patches to itchy and irritated. Maybe the Grapefruitseedextract would also help you increase the potency of the treatment a bit? It feels very soothing, almost a bit oily.

  15. Nicely written--This post is equally informative as well as interesting.Thank you for information you been putting on making your site such an interesting If you have time please visit my Shock Testing page.

  16. Hi, I have skin problems that looks similar to yours. I have tried a lot of moisturizers etc. but nothing has helped. My skin wont heal basically. Do you have any experience with Lotil cream? It says its anti fungal, but maybe not as potent as the one you have used. I have also had some digestive problems, but i dont know in which degree this has to do with the skin. Do you recommend any good moisturizer or something to build up the skin again after, because i want to get that plump good feeling back. Right now its dry and rough, with redness similar to your pictures.

    1. Sorry for the late response. I only use a mobile phone these days.
      I don't have any experience with Lotil cream but once the dry akin from the Candida shed my skin was already much more plump looking. You can moisturize with coconut oil which will give you back a lot of moisture (cold pressed). Also you can supplement with vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium to help your skin heal and add Gelatin or Collagen to your diet. I stirred it into my tea.

    2. thank you! I have one more question, does yeast infect between people? Because i think ive got it from my brother. We have also had some yeast in the bathroom and other places in the house(green and yellow spots, old house) can this be a problem?

  17. Hi, I was recently diagnosed with Pityrosporum Folliculitis, which is basically a facial yeast infection that looks very similar to acne. It sounds pretty similar to what you had. I'm taking an oral medication and a topical medication. How long did it take for you to see results? I just want to feel like my old-self again.

  18. Hello Emi!
    I was wondering what's the name of the anti fungal cream you took??

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  20. Thank you so much for you pictures and you post. I came across your blog when I went searching for some issues I was having that look similar to yours did. I was on some strong antibiotics for 4 weeks back in Nov/Dec and my skin issues started shortly after that. In the past I always used Salycitic Acid to clear up acne, but that seemed to make matters worse too. I should've guessed yeast but my stomach wasn't upset at all and I had no vaginal infection so I swore it couldn't be yeast. I finally went to a dermatologist and she thoughts it was perioral dermatitis. She gave me a cream and a low dose antibiotic to use. My skin exploded in a bad way! Red, itchy, and painful! The corners of my mouth became cracked and very sore. In the depth's of searching I came across a post that said to try Lotrmin cream for athletes foot and figured it couldn't hurt. Within a couple days it was clearing up! I was shocked! How did I get a yeast rash on my face? I have no idea. I realized today (3 days into using the cream) that I need to use a different towel and maybe switch my pillow case and bed clothes so the yeast doesn't linger. Did you do anything like that? I am still stumped as to how I got it on my face. I am glad that using the Lotrimin worked for you because all you find online are people posting about a "Yeast Cleanse" or it will never be gone from your system. Thanks again, Katie

    1. so do you have bumps on your face like her but also perioral dermatitis? If so, do you think the two happened at the same time?

  21. Will your skin constantly peel once you start the anti fungal cream? I started using it 3 days ago and anytime I wash my face my skin just peels.

    I've gone to 2 dermatologist so far and 1 told me acne and the other wants to give me Accutane. Even though both dermatologist said my case is "mild". I have scaly, and bumps that rarely come to head. Itching here and there, yellowing of the skin especially around my eyes, forehead, and mouth.

    I just hope I'm making the right choice. This whole process has been frustrating.

    I noticed my skinskin issues starting up in Sept. I just started going to a yoga studio and in the states yoga studios don't have the same regulations for cleaning as gyms. I was going 6x a week. Within the first couple of weeks I started breaking out (mind you I've always had clear skin except for the 1 or 2 I'd get before my period). The breakouts weren't normal though the pimples looks flesh colored and sometimes came to head but never painful or tender like typical pimples. Then I started getting yellowish pinkish patches of skin randomly on my face. I didn't know what it was and just used tea tree oil. That worked temporarily.

    I finally saw a dermatologist who said perioral dermatitis and prescribed me a cream and antibiotics. The cream suppressed thr itching and the antibiotics gave me more bumps and oral thrush.

    Since the course of the antibiotics. My skin is it it's worst.

    I really hope this anti fungal is the answer.

    Currently feeling hopeless.

    Thank you, any support would be helpful at this time. I really need it.


    1. did you have perioral dermatitis and bumps around your forehead then? do you think it is the same thing? did the anti fungal work for both? The anti fungal is supposed to be helpful for perioral and the woman above used a different anti fungal for her bumps on her face so maybe connected?

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  23. Hello! I am SO happy your skin problems have been solved!!! Since I have been on long term antibiotics I have had no end to skin problems on my back, chest and face. I get itchy on all of those places and the skin problems are never ending. I have under the skin kind of white heads but they never come out..and all of these little irritated angry red things all over my forehead and temples! It's everywhere. What makes it yeast as opposed to something else, do you know?? Thank you! <3

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  26. Hi,
    I hope you respond to this. Can you tell me what the antifungal cream was that you used on your face? What is the generic name? Your skin looks great!!!

  27. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING! I've searched for over 6 months for what could be the cause of my facial reaction, mine is just one sided. I should've gone to the dermatologist but I thought I could find it online. THIS is it!

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  34. Hiya! Im really suspecting I suffer from the same thing, but went to see my GP today and they prescribed me Duac, which is mainly for Acne and also contains antibiotics (which can make yeast infections worsen). I refuse to take this and will call my doctor to discuss this tomorrow. Can I just ask you what cream you were prescribed?

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. do you think it is malassezia folliculitis as it was helped by yeast medication?

  37. Generally any Anti Fungal Cream so Lotrimin-AF-Antifungal-Athlete-s-Foot-Clotrimazole-Cream? even though you used 2% prescription do you think 1% clotrimazole could make a difference because not sure where to buy your kind in america. Many thanks!!!

    1. Hi i am suffering from the same thing and 1% clotrimazole helped me a lot spots almost gone after 5 days!!.Can not believe it. I also use nizoral anti dandruff shampoo as it contains antifungal ketoconazole. ( massage on your face and leave it on for 5 min once day then rinse).5 days in a row then once a week.Hope this helps.

    2. thats interesting. why not just use ketoconazole?

    3. Hi i use both as read this works better.hope this helps

  38. did you have it for a long time? clotrimazole using over my face has been drying

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  41. I have a sensitivity to citrus, do you know of anything else i can use for dryness other than the grapefruit seed extract?

  42. I have only been using dermalmd rosacea serum a few days, but I could tell a difference overnight in the redness on my cheeks. I am hoping this serum will clear it up completely.

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