✛ hair loss and growth update

I wish I could say my hair loss episode is over, but it isn't, and things are really not looking up. Over the past 5 1/2 months my hair has thinned as much as it did in 2009/ 10.

My guess is that I am going through more than one hair loss episode. 
Like I said before, there are many possibilities as to why this is happening. It could very well be from the hormonal ups and downs caused by breastfeeding. This year my son stopped breastfeeding (refused due to illness) for 3 times!!
Most women shed hair after their child weans.
Of course I am considering other possibilities. But so many things are unlikely because my hair was fine in spring and nothing has changed...
I really don't know if I can keep my hair long this time. It depends on how soon it will stop.

Braid pictures really are the best way to document changes. Asyou can see in the last picture the lengths are thinner than ever,but I don't have a lot of taper despite of it and the base is thickening up. If I had more taper, it would certainly look thinner. My ponytail circumference seems to be thickening. I can not only seeit when I braid, but also with buns and I feel the added thickness. It is so weird, but when your hair thickens back up after hair loss, you can feel the increase in thickness dramatically!

My ponytail measures 8.5 cm, which is still above average thickness, despite the hair loss and thinning lengths...it is really weird. I have two layers of regrowth on top even about 2 and 4 cm long already...it seems to be more regrowth than usual. Even though I have so much regrowth, it hasn't stopped. That is why I suspect my son's recent nursing strike in fall added more shedding to the existing hair loss episode. 

Images of the recent hair loss episode August 2013- late December

Changes over time. The very left picture is from late 2008 I believe. I was always growing out some sort of thinning and I never got to my full potential. This is pretty upsetting tbh! Though I have been dealing with less taper and my hair seems to be thickening faster!

Length picture as of today. I haven't trimmed yet, but will trim in two days. Not a lot...just a trim in an attempt to save this hair of mine. I grew my hair from August to November from Hip Length back to Tailbone Length. I am currently maintaining because of the hair loss. Originally I was planning to not trim until it is over, but that was when I thought it would be over by fall :/

As you may have noticed I haven't made any YouTube Videos lately. That is because I simply don't feel good about the hair loss and the thinning makes it difficult and frustrating for me to demonstrate hair dos. Not only does it shed during the process, it is shocking to me how much less hair I am working with, even though it isn't thin yet.

Here is a collage of my changes during the past years, which also shows the 3 months of growth that got me from hip length to tailbone length. At least my hair grows fast...


  1. thanks for the update emi,i think the recent hair picture looks good..i love your hair :)

  2. You have beautiful hair! Nice to see how you've tracked your hair thickness over the years. Great post!

    1. Thank you! I like to document everything. It gives me a better understanding of what is happening and it might be useful or encouraging to others :)

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  4. I am so happy you don't give up, you give me hope. I recently tried something new in my hair and it nearly ruined all my growth for this year. I am finally back to past bra strap length and although I have a chemical cut on my top layers I refuse to cut the bottom half to match the taper layers.

    1. Hi Evey, definitely try the trimming and maintaining route first. You can always cut if you want faster results.
      I even grew my hair with damage from chemical dye while slowly growing and trimming off the old bits little by little from 07-2009. Chops are often not necessary :)

  5. very interesting , i really like your post , thank you

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