✛ After hair loss #4, thickening up, gaining length, growth plan

I can confirm that the last hair loss episode really is over! My hair is thickening up nicely, AND I am gaining some length also.

When I posted that I think my hair loss stopped here, it wasn't fully over yet. Just reduced to a minimum. After losing hair for so long, I wasn't sure what would be "normal for me".
In late February it REALLY stopped. And the amount that I shed is ridiculously low (I'm not complaining lol).

My hair is thickening up well. My ends thickened up a bit because I trimmed some earlier this year (don't ask me when, I totally forgot this time ._.) Then I grew my hair for a month without trimming. My last trim was on March 9th and my hair was measuring 91.8cm/ 36.1 inches. I am planning to grow until May before I trim again. So basically I will be trimming every other month or every two months. I will decide depending on how my ends hold up.

I have also been trimming by the moon again. I read another book about the influences of the moon, that was a bit more scientific, and I think that trimming your hair at a certain time of the month, really could be a good idea. I might write about it in the future. But first I want to test it for a while. Can't hurt right? ;)

I have never grown this way, so it will be a chance to test if this type of trimming & growing method, will bring me good results. I am hoping to gain a decent amount of length as well as thickening up my ends again.
You may remember that the trimming methods I have done before were either intense trimming and maintaining phases to thicken up only or monthly micro trims while growing.
This time around, I don't want to do these very small micro trims though, because I want to see if one good, big trim will produce a more even, freshly cut feel. I hope this makes sense...I am talking long hair gibberish haha. If you are a normal person visiting this blog by accident, I apologize.

I have some pictures of my progress too. It isn't a whole lot of progress, I think I need to go longer in between updates, but I gained a bit of length and my braid is getting much thicker at the base and the thickness is moving down. It find it really weird how the part underneath the thicker base looks very evenly thinned, while the top part is so much thicker. I think I will have this sort of weird taper for a while.

My regrowth this time around is very odd and indicates that I lost hair for a bit longer this time. Some of the regrowth is chin to nose length, while other bits are just two inches long or even only a half inch! Not sure if this means I went through several hair loss episodes, or if it it simply had to do with fluctuations of ferritin levels. I think the ferritin might be more likely, since a change in ferritin causes very quick changes for me (as in supplementation slowed down the hair loss quickly).

An now on to the picture flood. I want to give a good overview of what I am starting out with:

Braids are, like I said, one of the best ways of comparing loss and gain of thickness. Just be sure to braid exactly the same way every time (which isn't hard, one develops a routine grip).
The first image is 1 1/2 months into the hair loss episode. Thinning was barely visible. This isn't my maximum thickness exactly, but what I was able to regain in between hair loss episodes and pretty close. 

You can see that by January the braid had thinned visibly overall. I find it especially noticeable at the nape. In January there wasn't any regrowth visible in my braid. BUT, look at March and you will see a lot of thickness at the nape of my neck. That is in fact regrowth that makes it look this much thicker. And it feels the way it looks! It feels like an enormous amount of hair growing in. I will continue to take these pictures so I can document the thickness moving down. My ends also look a tad thicker than in January, but the length of the braid is thinner. My braid never thinned this much actually. Not even in 2010. My ends just looked worse then because my hair was a classic length.

Length pictures:
I haven't been in a hair picture mood, so please excuse the bun waves and slightly oily hair...I know the flip at the ends doesn't make it any easier seeing the length gain, but I  just don't feel like retaking pictures right now. My new camera is also very hard to handle with flash. 

Just for fun, here is an uncombed, messy hair picture. Note how my ends look stringy after some time without combing (and with more conditioner).

Combed. The flip takes away some length, but I am nearing mid butt length.

Close up and a picture that shows my ends (not very thin but they have been thicker) and the distance to classic length. Which is what I am going for. Although...I might not grow there non stop. I will likely take a break somewhere on the way to trim and maintain. It all depends on how well my hair is holding up. I will just have to decide when the time comes. 
Of course I might also fail at growing...Maybe I even run into more hair loss. But I am tired of planning for that. I can't trim and maintain my whole life just because I could possibly lose more hair. ;)


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    1. That won't work for fixing acute hair loss. That is like saying "put mashed strawberries in your hair". While these home remedies have benefits, they do not stop illness related hair loss. If the underlying cause is something like thyroid, hormonal imbalances, a lack of nutrients...this won't do a n y t h i n g. :P

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  2. hi emi ! thanks for the update your hair looks very good ! it is much thicker its so shiny an beautiful !

    1. Hi Tina! Thank you, I'm glad it is growing thicker so fast. It also has been shinier. The frizz I dealt with years ago seems to be growing out and my hairs texture keeps improving. :)

  3. I've waited for update. Thank you! Your hair is really really nice, shiny and adorable! You're my inspiration for growing my hair!
    (Yeah, I'm the one that wrote you on facebook one month ago and added you as a friend on LHC)

  4. Hi Dessi! :) Thanks for stopping by (and letting me know who you are, sometimes I wonder who anonymous posters are and if I know them). I wish you speedy growth and I guess I will see you on LHC. I haven't been on much lately because of my German blog and forum, but I plan to post a bit more often again.

  5. Your hair is beautiful! Do you have a fast growth rate? It looks like it grew a lot! :)

    1. Yes my hair grows 1.9/ 0.74 " cm a month atm! (compared to the average growth rate of 1cm/ 0.39") That is even quicker than in the past (1.7cm). I'm not sure what caused it..the diet change maybe? I hear many of Paleo forums say their hair grows fast. It has been like that since fall 2012. I also have much less taper. My braid is thinner than ever but the taper is so gradual lol ;)

  6. good job my friend.
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  7. Good to see your update pics, Emi. Your hair has thickened up quite well, you must be very pleased. I'm happy for you. I wondered why you weren't seen on LHC lately, didn't know you were busy with your German blog and forum. Anyway, Good Luck with whatever you are doing.

    1. Hi! Good to see you here! :) Yes, whenever I work on other projects, I take a break from other sites because I simply lack the time! I am planning to stop by more often now though, since I am mostly done with building up the fashion blog and the social networks and the German Blog is starting to look good too! I wish I had more time haha ;)

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  10. I read your previous posts too.. and I noticed your hair thickened much.. as previously said your hairs are very beautiful...keep posting.

  11. That’s an amazing progress! It’s good to see your crowning glory getting back in good shape. So, what’s your secret to re-growing your hair, aside from trimming it every now and then? Anyway, thanks for sharing us this documentation of your hair journey. Have a nice day!

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