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To some that might seem really odd or even ridiculous that I haven't cut my hair despite hair loss. I am really not totally crazy though, and if you bear with me I will give you some good reasons for why I haven't cut my hair.

After 5 sheds since 2009 (some bigger and some smaller, 4 of them after pregnancy, within the past 2 1/2 years...there isn't very much left of my hair.

My braid, which is a good comparison for thickness, is the thinnest it has ever been...from top to bottom. I used to measure the circumference of my hair from nape to ends as well, and the circumference at shoulder length measures what it used to measure at waist length! If I twist all of my hair, it looks like 1/4 of my old hair...

I have several frizzy layers of regrowth coming in, a very obvious one at the nape and new hairs that are just a few inches long are growing into some sort of bangs!
I was asked before if I had the side of my head shaved, because of all the spiky regrowth on my left temple. The whirl makes regrowth very obvious.

My ends aren't even very healthy, every shed also results into a period of dryer, tangled ends and more splits!
With shedding my ends get very, very close to transparency too! In 2009 they almost fully disappeared, it was like my hair was shedding itself shorter.

All that sounds horrible and chop worthy right?

Wouldn't a blunt bob fix all these problems? Maybe...but would it be a good solution? Probably not.

Here is why:

1. It takes longer to regrow then to thicken up visibly

Even if you lose a shit load of hair and it looks pretty thin it can possibly be fixed with a few months to a year of trimming!
Taper makes hair look thinner than it is. But by using my monthly microtrimming method I was able to even up the hemline pretty quickly. Enough hair will grow down for the ends to look thicker quickly. Since you are maintaining, all your monthly growth goes towards your thickness.

I have used some variation of this trimming method after every shed. It worked when my ends were extremely thin and it works even faster when they are fuller.
Here and there I also chose to go for a bigger trim anywhere from 1-2 inches to jump start the process. But my hair has been around tailbone length for years now, with all the sheds.

Now imagine regrowing all that hair! It would take years! Years in which I would be impatient and longing for long hair, maybe even regretting my decision. Not a good scenario!

2. It would not solve the problem

The fact that I am losing hair to begin with, is much more stressful than possibly losing length. I personally worry more about my hair thinning. 
Sure, I could cut it to shoulder length or any shorter length and it would look fuller. I still could be shedding though and my hair is also still thinner than it would naturally be. So it would be a very limp, thinned shoulder length and I don't like the thought of that either. 

Should I ever want to go for shoulder length, I would want it to be something I really want, maybe because I need a change, and I want all my hair, because with my straight, sleek hair, shoulder length only looks good if it is full. 

3. So far it has always been salvageable

Like I said, hair can look worse initially after hair loss, because it will have created a lot of taper. Your hemline can go from even to uneven. For me it always stopped soon enough to fix the thinning with the trimming method mentioned above.
So it never really seemed necessary to go for a chop and then to deal with 1. and 2. and 4. for added stress :P.
It also feels really good when the hair thickens up again. You can REALLY feel a load of hair growing back and that alone will make you feel positive and like you have a lot of hair again. Even if your old thickness isn't fully restored, just feeling that comparison will make you think your hair is already so much improved (I feel like my hair is incredibly thick at 8.5-9 cm ponytail circumference, when I used to have almost ten! I can only imagine having 10 again! It has been a while)
I also love my ends after every trim. So much better doing it this way than growing out and dealing with taper hindering you from growing back fast!

4. I'm just so focused on long hair

Others may think my hair looks better after a chop. But I know I will want my long hair back. So I chose not to appeal to others. I don't think it looks horrible, but blunt-hemline-Nazis might disagree ;) There are also many who like hair with not so thick ends at longer lengths. 

As many know, I love the Middle Ages (do Medieval Reenactment) and I listen to Metal (mostly Black, Folk and some Death Metal). I idolize long medieval style hair and headbanging is so much more fun with very long hair...I feel like epic lol ;) 

I don't only like very long hair....I like shoulder length and midback length hair too, but I prefer very long.

Maybe some day I will want a change and wear my hair fairly short again, but then it will be something I wanted and I wasn't traumatized and then forced into cutting it, there is a difference (though I think I would want long hair again)

Sure there are people that will say to stop acting like a baby, and that it is just hair. But bullies like that are often the ones with the most insecurities so I turn they "try" to be tough ;) I don't listen to these comments. In fact, I am bored of them. I get them with thicker hair, thinner hair and thicker or thinner ends...even at shoulder length *yawn*.

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  1. My ends are thin due to old hair care.or in fack lack of it. But I struggle with them all the same. Very often people tell me, usually in a non-nice manner, that I should cut the old ends off. They just don't understand that for some people ideal ends aren't the goal and length is important. I wouldn't like 101 % healthy hair but just at midback length. I am glad you wrote this post. You formulate some ideas better than I have been able to :-)

    1. Hi Henrietta! I'm glad you liked my thoughts on it :) When you grow you need to make a compromise . If you always trim you won't gain length. The long hair lover's approach is to grow and trim later, but most people really don't seem to understand this ;) Your hair/ ends look very nice btw. Nothing wrong with a bit of taper or fairytale ends :)

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  3. It's nice to see you trying to save the hair that you have. After being pregnant and all, it is really natural to have a copious amount of hair falling off. Hair is something that women really treasure and it is nice that you are trying your best to save yours, rather than just let it all go.

    Dr. Sara Salas @ Baja Hair Center

  4. thank you for all this info emi, me an my daughter was just having this conversation of how to thicken up the ends without chopping it off ! your hair is beautiful an we think you do a great job so thats why we follow what you do thanks so much for the update :)

    1. Hi Tina! Do you know this blog post I wrote a few years ago? http://longhairedatheart.blogspot.de/2010/03/even-hemline-without-loosing-length.html
      I explained about the microtrimming method there. Maintaining and trimming for a while is definitely a great way to improve the hemline :)

  5. Great article! It's really nice you didn't cut your hair after all these things.
    More than half of my hair is at hip length and the other hair is at waist. Sometimes I hate this layer but It has grown from APL to Waist and that is some progress I guess.. I don't have much taper but when I reach my goal of Classic length I'll maintain there to get rid of that layer. I'm glad I've read your articles about microtriming!
    ` Dessi `

    1. Hi Dessi! That layer will certainly travel down at some point. I used to have this when I grew out my layers. It took me some time to get rid of it because I was also growing to classic length then, but I did very small monthly trims of 5mm for some time and it certainly helped. :)

  6. Well written article and you've explained it very well, Emi. I am following your method of trimming, hope to get a good hemline soon.

  7. I wish you much success! The method definitely works, but one can experience problems with increased shedding and hair loss. When I shed, it still improves things, but of course only to some degree. So it is always important to make sure health issues are not causing increased shedding. :)

  8. I think that's awesome. Looks are highly subjective things and standards are suspect. We can either deal with hair loss or deny it. There will always be so many remedies and options that can help us with it, so no one should ever be depressed about having that kind of condition. Take care!

    Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders

  9. Nice Article. I Like it. Thanks for Sharing.

  10. Such a very beautiful written up.

  11. Great write up real inspiring looking forward to hear some more such stuff.



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