✛ Health and Hair improvements!

I wrote a much longer post, but it got deleted when my computer crashed. So I will stick to a shorter update for now.

My time at the hospital wasn't the best. I saw two different doctors a day, all with different opinions and so they kept changing the plan of treatment. Originally I was submitted by my GP for a endoscopy and colonoscopy and possible Sono, MRI, X-Ray.

They waited days before my procedure, in which they offered me pain medication, that can actually worsen my problem. Almost all of them can cause damage to the stomach lining and further irritate it. Being left with worsening pain and no solution I started self treating for gastritis. My suspicion was that my stomach lining and possibly intestines or colon got inflamed due to the antibiotics. This is actually one of the side effects. Usually it is treated with antacids and another round of combined antibiotics. I really did not want to risk suffering more side effects from antibiotics though. I have a long history of always suffering some sort of damage after aantibioticuse. Antacids lower your stomach acid, and the downside is that this can be permanent and worsen your digestion...and I'm already not digesting the best anyway. It seemed like a very risky strategy,

So my more natural solution to this was baking soda instead of antacids. It lowers the stomach acid temporarily so the inflammation can heal, but not permanently unless too much is taken. Instead of regular antibiotics I used grapefruitseed extract, which is a more natural antibiotic. With this and a fairly low carb Paleo diet, my problems improved every day. 
When I was finally checked at the hospital (only a Sono and Endo were done), they confirmed the inflammation along with some sore, darkened spots, which can be irritation but also turn into ulcers. Luckily no actual ulcers were found.

I was released and continued to treat myself since this strategy was working so well. I had not received much help at the hospital at all. They try to perform a minimal amount of tests, because insurances put pressure on them. Sounds crazy? Two doctors actually told me so.
I had to push them to do further, simple tests...like testing the stool.

My self treatment at home looked like this:

1. Tea with gelatin in the morning on an empty stomach. Gelatin can add a thin, protective coating to the stomach lining.
2. Baking soda in water after meals to soothe the pain from Gastritis.
3. Very strict Paleo diet, no starch, low fiber, fairly low carb, no sugar at all and of course no lactose or grains and all that is excluded from the Paleo diet. My diet consisted mainly of meat, with some veggies or fruits like tomato, cucumber, coconut flour+ egg= pancakes, butter, honey.
4. 2x 10 drops of Grapefruitseedextract a day.

I pretty much just used simple home remedies.

I have been completely problem free for a few days now. The diet seems to be helping a lot too, because those two times when I ate something starchy, I had gastric stomach pain all over again. Now that I am almost healed, I can eat a little starch however. I will still continue the fairly strict diet though for the most part.

The painful spots in the intestinal area, also bettered with the treatment for inflammation. For one I think the stomach infection really caused these to feel worse too, and it now seems that my intestines or colon were/ are inflamed too. Much like what people with Colitis can experience.
I still don't know what causes the intestinal pain however. It is still there, but much less. It is actually less noticeable now than a month ago. 
One doctor suggested that now, that the Yersinia are gone too, it will heal up...that is a possibility, but I'm still contemplating a colonoscopy. Just to see what is going on there and to simply make sure.

I recently also got some more results back. I'm free of Candida (still), free of Yersinia....and they forgot to do the other tests like Fructose Intolerance and testing for signs of inflammation in my stools....I'm so done with this place.

My hair and hair loss:

I am hair loss free as I'm writing this...but let me tell you, it is hard work. Atm my shedding completely depends on how much anti-fungals I get on my head. If I apply the anti-fungal solution every two days and wash every day in between, the hair loss stays gone. If I skip on day or more, it comes back! Along with the itch and skin flakes! 
It makes sense, because the fungus on my face does the same, but it is hard to treat it that way. I spend a lot of money on anti-fungals and having a greasy solution on your head every two days isn't great either. Well, better than hair loss (or bad skin)
Despite having this figured out....I have shed this month. I was testing different strategies and iintervals back and forth, so I did have some shed days in between. When I went to the hospital I was unable to apply the anti-fungals and my hair loss started again. This time it was even worse, with more itching, more shedding (clumps!), and it took longer to stop it. For the past week and a half I haven't been shedding. But with the on and off shedding, I haven't made much progress either, and my hair hardly thickened up. It also did not thin much more either.

Maybe in a few months I will be able to show images of my hair thickening up. That is if I really do get this under control with anti-fungals eventually.

I drew some lines for better comparison. My braid was definitely much thicker back in the day from top to bottom. Hard to imagine I had that much hair. Plus at the time I still had taper due to other factors. 2013 shows a pretty taper free braid, but still thinner than '09 and in the process of thinning. My recent braid is thicker at the nape than the 3 braid, but otherwise one of the thinnest. Between the second and the third line I feel a tad more hair has grown down, but also nothing significant. My ends however thickened up with trims....

I guess it can be called progress considering that I have been shedding again since April and my hair hasn't thinned all that much. I hope by keeping the anti-fungals consistent I will be able to show more progress soon.

As you can see I got a good amount of hair left above the braid...so if worse comes to worst, I could wear hair around shoulder length without visible taper...I think about it sometimes, since I have been shedding for so long. But as long as it looks okay down I wouldn't cut. Just the braid changes look dramatic when braided tightly. But then again...I think even among people who don't shed it is not an uncommon braid to have. If I braid it loosely it looks thicker, most braid styles are done loosely, so it is hard to judge the actual thickness of hair. Most braids also aren't that long, so it would be hard to compare the taper.

Some older images from when my hair was thicker but even that was taken after sheds!:


  1. Hello, Emi! Thanks for the update, I'm so sorry for your health problems.
    Your hair is beautiful as always! Would you please tell me how long it is? (in inches or cm)
    Wish you the best!

    1. Hi Dessi! Thank you for the well wishes! :) My hair is between 88-90 cm in length depending on whether you measure before or after a trim. I'm not very tall (166 cm).

    2. Wow, I'm just as tall as you are and my hair is 89 cm and still.. yours looks much longer than mine!

  2. hi emi thaks for the update,glad you are better...what anti fungals are you using on your scalp i think im having the same problem as you..

    1. Hi Tina! It is definitely worth a try! I use Canesten solution, which contains clotrimazole. It works best because I can get it to the scalp well, the hair dries okay and it doesn't need dilution like cream! Hope it works for you! Keep me updated! <3

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    1. Danke Dir!! :)) Deine Tips klingen sehr interessant! Ich werde mir das auf alle Faelle ansehen! Ich fuehle ich habe in den Bereich noch lange nicht alles probiert. Diese Firma klingt auch gut...Wie finde ich die denn am besten? Meiner Magenschleimhaut geht es wirklich wieder besser, ich denke ich kann das mit dem Apfelessig nochmal probieren. :) Vielen lieben Dank nochmal fuer die tollen Tips!

  7. Hallo Emi, ich freue sehr! dass das soweit nützlich klingt. Wollte nicht öffentlich werben, da ich die Firma auch nicht ordentlich recherchiert habe bezügl. Datenschutz und so, aber ich glaube schnelle Gesundheitsaufklärung hat sowieso priorität. Die Firma befindet sich in Mainz und nennt sich Ganzimmun. Vielleicht findest du auf deren Seite Arztpraxen, mit denen sie zusammenarbeiten? Oder einen Anruf?
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    Liebe Grüße!

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  10. You need a lot of patience and discipline in order to treat gastritis, Emi. It’s good that you convinced your doctors to complete a test, even a simple one. Endoscopy and gastroscopy could give you more accurate results, though. Anyway, it’s great that you found some simple means to keep your hair. I hope you’ll be able to maintain your treatment to prevent hair loss again. I’ll be looking forward to reading your progress. I wish you all the best!

    Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders

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