✛ Longest hair loss free period

As you may have noticed, I had to take a little break. At the end of my last hair loss episode I just felt like I could not deal with all the hair stuff. I was just too stressed, having just gotten out of the hospital. I also did not reply to emails or visit forums really. I apologize, but it was just a little much.

I am a bit worried that the shedding will start again soon, but I haven't had such a long break from hair loss for years. It might be a good sign. Even if it only stays away for longer this time, I might be doing something right.

I stopped shedding late September 2014. Soon that will make 3 hair loss free months. My hair is thickening up fast like always, though after 2 years of almost constant hair loss, I don't have much thickness left below my shoulders. I would even go so far and say it is pretty much see through from my shoulders down. 

I can minimize that effect by wearing dark clothing, but I think I lost about half of my original thickness. 
The top is growing back wild and frizzy. I can pick whole chunks of short hair from the top layer of my head. You may think that sounds like breakage, but no it is all new growth with a pointy tip.
Most of my hair is short actually...above shoulder length. I can make it all blend in nicely with some conditioner, oils and because of my straight hair texture. My actually ends are not horribly thin, but the weird part is that my braid from below the shoulders to about hip length is the same thickness....it does not taper, but it is thin! It is so weird and the result of all the shedding it seems. Idk how long it is exactly right now...maybe around 88 cm. I try not to get below 87 so I can style my hair okay (buns etc.)

You can see the huge difference in thickness and the bottom part is even "flatter" because there is so little left. It actually thickens up so fast my buns give me headaches already because my head is not used to the weight anymore...even though it isn't much yet.

It can look decent when worn down...I lost a lot, but again I am thinking about simply letting it thicken up with my self trimming method. Imagine what amazing encouragement that would be to others as well to see my hair regain thickness fast with this method....and maybe fully this time? Who knows, I try to remain positive :)

Health in General:

Since my hospitalization much has improved actually. The stomach infection is fully healed, and what likely is intestinal inflammation has bettered. The painful spots, hardly ever hurt on their own. I really need to poke around and look for pain. All of them seem less painful. My first and most painful spot acts up when I eat certain foods. 
I have been able to digest starches and even some dairy better again. I can eat a little bit of cheese or milk, but should not overdo it. I can eat grain products, potato and rice much better than before. If I do it once I feel no consequences. After a few days my stomach feels a bit uncomfortable. I haven't been taking much of probiotics and enzymes at all, and I am sure I could optimize things even more.

My body aches and chronic headaches have been gone since getting rid of the parasite! I feel like a new person. I was able to cut down on drinking coffee, which had helped me for pain management.

I also quit pretty much all of my supplements....to test if I can do without some of them. And I can! :D Here is what I quit and the result:

DIM - I used to take it for hormonal imbalances...PMS, meaning painful and irregular periods. At the worst time I had 40 days between cycles and the blood was black and almost non existent. I would get strong body aches and fevers. I was unable to get through my periods without painkillers.
Now: Completely regular and pain free periods without DIM! I have had quite a few now without DIM and they are better every month. Perfect 28 day cycle and light bleeding as well. I have had PMS since Aodhan was a year old so this is huge!

Fenugreek - I was taking it because I naturally was not making enough breast milk. 
Now: I do make enough breastmilk on my own now! My prolactin went up a bit, which might have to do with the adjustment.

Iron: - Chronically low iron and especially ferritin levels since pregnancy. 
Now: Perfect ferritin of 101 without supplements :) Though I may continue to take a bit of ferritin here and there now that this experiment went well.

Raw Thyroid - My TSH level was highest at 8 in 2010, dropped to 5 in 2012, then 3.5, then with the addition of raw thyroid a perfect 2.1.
Now: It went up to 4.6 since I quit. I will have to monitor it and may have to go back on raw thyroid.

I quit other supplements a while ago like milk thistle, burdock root, Vitamin D. etc. and everything remains fine there too.

More pictures:

Dark vs. light. Sometimes I dunno which is accurate. I feel white reflects a bit too much, but black sort of fills in the gaps ;) Maybe a light brown would be good. I have had better times on white cloth though where only the ends were a tad tapered.

Ridiculous amounts of regrowth. I held my tail up and gently shook it a bit for about ten seconds. That is the amount of hair that fell out. This is only a fraction...meaning what is within the bottom layer. You can expect every part of my head to have that amount of regrowth. Some layers are very long and likely from post pregnancy! It is crazy that there is still some post pregnancy regrowth left after two years of hair loss! Same goes for all lengths...despite regrowth falling out again and again, some still creates these short layers. It is a bit painful to see this...but oh well.

Missing hair on the sides.:

Naturally most of my hair grows in the back of my head. Most people have this. With shedding my side layers were really reduced. You can see it in the image on the right.


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  2. hi emi thanks for all the info,my hair looks the exact same as yours when i hold up the tail my hair just sheds an sheds i have layers but yet i didnt have layers put in it,its very discouraging for me,i feel like just cutting it off to shoulder length im starting to loose patience i had even gotten a few bald patches in the past ,went to doctor an am perfectly healthy i did have 2 calcified fibroids on my uterus as i have gone thru menopause but i wouldnt think that would cause my hair to fall out. are there any supplements you can recomend before i just give up? also what shampoo are using right at this time? thanks emi.

    1. Hi Tina! I'm sorry for your troubles. Sounds like you are dealing with quite a few problems. It seems to be something related to hormones. Menopause can be rough. So my first approach would be balancing your hormones. You can look at early 2013 posts for more detail, but basically I took herbal supplements like DIM, Calcium D Glucarate, Milch Thistle, Burdock Root and Chasteberry and got results from it fast. I went from heavy PMS and irregular periods to no PMS and regular periods. The supplements can be taken indefinitely or as a detox so to say. As needed, since they are food based there are no side effects. Also make sure that Candida is not a problem. It can cause patchy hairloss or all over shedding. At the moment I alternate between the Sante Shampoo and a shampoo with SLS. With my scalp Candida I need something that speeds up cell turnover, which is what SLS shampoo does.

    2. Which two shampoos exactly do you use? I’m seeing a few different ones.

  3. That is cool. You should really keep it up. I mean, that just proves that there are alternatives, and that hair loss ain't an intractable certainty like how it's often been said of. There are ways to buck and break that, right? Anyway, thanks for sharing that! I wish you all the best!

    Byron Brewer @ Knight and Sanders

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm also happy that you're back! Wish you all the best.
    Thank you for always being my inspiration for growing my hair! <3

    1. Thank you Dessi <3 I will be posting more in the future I think. I withdrew a bit to figure out a few things and now I have so much more knowledge to share :)

  5. You have beautiful hair dear!! I am mesmerized with their shine! I just love your hairstyle. I have also started using alterna hair products for such gorgeous shiny hair. Would you provide some hair care tips too?

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