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So I guess this makes 5 months of being pretty much hair loss free. And this seems to be confirming that Candida was the main cause for the shedding. Not ever day was hair loss free however, I noticed an immediate increase in shedding when not keeping up the regular application of antifungals to my scalp. In December for example I did have a mild shed for three weeks after trying to space out the application of anti-fungals. It slowed down my progress a bit, but progress you can still see plenty :)

Though I must say, with the large amount of thinning from the shoulders down, it certainly takes more time. I am taking photographs with a white towel which shows all the changes drastically.

A quarter year of trims only. Not so bad right? I figure it would look fine by summer.

The braid comparison also demonstrates changes well again:

Dec. vs. February. 
You can see how thickness at the nape grew down to just past my shoulders. AND finally the bottom part of the braid is thickening a bit. That will take more time because as you can see after the shed my braid was all the same thin from the shoulder down. So there isn't any thickness at lets say mid back, that could push down to hip length quickly. I have to wait for that thickness that was once shoulder length.

Here is the old braid history:

Far left 2009 (no hair loss), Spring 2013 (after some hair loss), and then we see it going up and down...I had a few hair loss free periods where the base thickened up as you can see.

Length photos with beige and dark clothing:

So the white towel with the flash is pretty gruesome :) I want to demonstrate how it looks with other colors (click for larger images)

You can see the beige cardi shines through...I am at that point where my hair is leaving the "see through-ness"...meaning a thin sheet of long hair is starting to cover the clothing.

I mostly wear dark colors with my hair down...this is why:

This is also a mirror photo without flash so likely the most accurate view of my hairs texture.
I have lots of short hairs, but overall the texture has been improving the past years, no more of the rough, squiggly hair that I used to grow until 2012. I highly suspect it has to do with me not taking Synthroid for my thyroid anymore, Synthroid caused me to first notice a change in my hair and skin. My hair color can look darker depending on the light...but I'm legit auburn haired these days. I had a time where my hair color wasn't as vivid or reddish. Still not graying either :)

Health in General:

My digestion has improved in many ways. I can even tolerate dairy products again. I actually just pigged out on dairy products for a month to test it. I feel no discomfort. However, I broke out more and had slight PMS. Which I usually don't have...I get a pimple every two weeks normally and now I have four at once..:0 I'm working on restoring balance. But this really makes me think about the effect of dairy on the body.

I have a few check ups coming up because I still want to find out exactly what kind of damage the parasite caused so I can repair it better. I have a rough plan but knowing specifics is always better because this will also be costly. Once that damage is healed, my Candida problem should also subside. I will update as soon as I know more.


I apply Canesten Antifungal solution every two days and wash every two days with an SLS Shampoo for sensitive scalp and SANTE shampoo. I need to use an SLS based shampoo at the moment because it increases cell turnover, hence less of a chance for the Candida to regrow, since it is constantly removed,

That said, looking at my scalp you would never guess I have a problem. It looks clean, not very flaky, with just a bit of dandruff...Candida can be sneaky. It does not always show in crusty patches.


  1. Hallo liebe Emi, es freut mich sehr, dass es dir gesundheitlich wieder besser geht. Bitte mach dir keinen Kopf wegen der "see-throughness", die ist nicht schlimm, du siehst toll aus mit deinen schönen langen Haaren, und außerdem sieht man da erst so richtig, wie unglaublich liebevoll gepflegt und schön jede einzelne Strähne ist :) . Und der Seitenscheitel sieht auch top aus, so elegant. Ich wünsche dir auch weiterhin gute Besserung und alles Gute, und dass deine tolle lange Mähne bald auch ganz genauso erstrahlen möge, wie du sie haben möchtest und du sie dir vorstellst. Liebe Grüße, Uwe - ytb40.

    1. Vielen Dank fuer die guten Wuensche! :) Gesuender werden sie durch die Trims und Pflege auch. Bin echt ziemlich zufrieden im Moment. LG

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